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Hi there bodybuilding and fitness fanatics and thank you for stopping by.

You’re here because, like us, you have a keen interest in bodybuilding, health, fitness, anabolics, strongman, CrossFit, and powerlifting.

On this site you will learn everything there is to learn about anabolics and those that use them.

We do not condone the use of anabolics, but at the same time, we certainly don’t want any of our fellow gym bros, to use performance-enhancing drugs incorrectly, as the consequences could be deadly.

We want to educate you, we want to advise you, and we want to entertain you in the process.

Why We Started Strong Chap?

For as long as we can remember we have been fascinated by the human form, especially when bodybuilding is concerned.

Some of our fondest memories of health and fitness can be traced back decades to when we were youngsters.

StrongChap.com is an entertaining website where we cover anything related to bodybuilding, fitness, strongman, CrossFit, and powerlifting.

You'll be able to get news every day regarding our mentioned topics.

Also, we have many other entertaining topics where we cover celebrities' transformations and their workouts.

We grew up watching larger than life 80s action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean Claude Van-Damme kick ass and take names on the big screen.

These guys were all ripped and muscular and literally looked like real-life superheroes.

They looked like they could kick ass and that inspired us to learn more about getting in shape.

We’d also watch pro wrestling and see guys like Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, and Macho Man Randy Savage and again find ourselves being inspired to hit the gym and pump some iron.

We decided to look into bodybuilding more seriously as we hit our late teens and started reading bodybuilding magazines and looking for ways of improving our physiques.

Soon we purchased our first gym memberships and one thing we can all agree on here in the office is that we had literally NO IDEA what we were doing when we hit the gym for the first time.

Many of the big and jacked dudes down at the gym didn’t mock us or ridicule us, however, they took time out of their workouts to speak to us, tell us what we should be doing, and even show us how to lift correctly.

After being blown away by the generosity and kindness of those seemingly big and scary meatheads in the gym, we knew that one day we’d return the favor.

Why We Talk About What We Do?

In the world of bodybuilding, the S-word is one of the worst-kept secrets in existence.

No, not that S-word, we’re of course talking about Anabolics.

It’s obvious that some bodybuilders are using PED's, as the human body does not naturally get to 300 plus pounds of solid muscle when an individual is of average height.

Heck, there are even NATURAL bodybuilding organizations which all but confirm the fact that many pro organizations recognize and encourage the use of PED.

We aren’t here to judge people for using PED, nor are we here to convince our readers to turn to the dark side and start using gear.

We know that performance-enhancing drugs are very, very dangerous, and can potentially be fatal.

Plus, you know, they’re illegal so it wouldn’t be smart for us to recommend that our readers break the law, would it?

Here at Strong Chap, we’re realists.

We aren’t living in denial, nor are we hypocrites.

We all but know that some bodybuilders and celebrities use anabolic-androgenic PED, or that they have used them in the past, plus we also know that many everyday individuals in the world also choose to use steroids, despite knowing the risks.

We want our readers to know everything there is to know about anabolics and other similar drugs and hormones, so as they can be that little bit safer if they do make the decision to utilize them for physique and performance-enhancing purposes.

We also want you to know what anabolics do to the body and how to spot a few tell-tale signs of PED use and abuse.

So, What Do We Cover?

As you’ve probably gathered, here at Strong Chap, the primary topic of discussion is the use of anabolic PED, as well as the potential use of Anabolics.

Reading our posts, you will learn about the following:


To begin with, you’ll learn everything there is to know about PED.

Different Anabolics provide different benefits and provide different benefits and side effects.

We talk about the different Anabolics currently in existence, as well as providing you with cycle information, dosage, side effects, benefits, and information about the importance of Post Cycle Therapy.

If you want more info on PED, you’ve come to the right place.


If you want to learn whether certain bodybuilders are likely using PED or natural, you’ve again come to the right place.

From amateur fitness models to hulking 300 plus-pound IFBB pro bodybuilders, we have it all.

Also, you'll be able to get daily news about bodybuilding, strongman, Crossfit, And powerlifting.


Some celebrities out there are also huge and jacked, and we will once again look at them in more detail as we try to determine whether their impressive physiques are natural, or whether they have been influenced by the use of anabolics.


Certified Nutritionist

On steroids lab

Reda El is a Nutritionist, And certified fitness And bodybuilding expert, he has done many articles on some of the top appropriate resources such as lifehack.org, good men project, askmen.com, and more. he has been involved in many PED cases to give the right diet that can lead to an extreme result.

You can connect with Reda on Instagram.

Doctor In Pharmacy

Strong Chap author nadia

Nadia John Is a Doctor in pharmacy, and Yoga and fitness fanatic. Also a contributor on many Authority News and General websites such as Huff Post, Lifehack.org, and more, Nadia is a very active researcher, and she'sharing her knowledge and every information related to any substances used in muscle building like PED And supplements.

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Certified Personal Trainer

On steroids Lab

Brandon Vitelli Is A Canadian natural bodybuilder competitor, and also a cop, father of one, and trying to share with you his knowledge about bodybuilding and everything related to competing.

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About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as lifehack.org, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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