Annie Thorisdottir Home Workout

Annie Thorisdottir Home Workout Plan During Quarantine


The coronavirus is going worse each day, and the entire world is going through the health crisis.

Some of them are going through anxiety and other mental disorders.


Continuing your workout plan can save you from anxiety to some extent.

It does not mean you should compromise on your workout plan by making excuses for not being able to go to the gym.

Annie Thorisdottir shared his home work out the plan during this lockdown to help you stay motivated.

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She is very conscious of her fitness, and she is known as the fit woman in the world.

She is the winner of CrossFit games held in 2010 and 2014.

No matter if she wins or not, but she always stands on top of the list of strong women in sport.

Currently, Annie Thorisdottir is pregnant, and she has to take care of her health.

This chronic situation forced her to stay home and follow all the precautionary measures.

Although she is not able to go to the gym, she keeps herself busy in different exercises to stay active and strong.

Annie Thorisdottir Home Workout

She thought out of the box and became a constant source of motivation for her followers.

She has a YouTube channel where she uploads her workout videos.

She has no equipment at home, but she does not quit; this makes her different from other people.

Here is the workout plan of Annie:

She spent three minutes on three sets of Tempo Lunges and Planks. Then she invests 20 seconds for each of the following simple exercises:

  • Jump squats
  • Pushups
  • Gorilla squats
  • Plank tuck jumps
  • Tuck ups
  • Hollow rocks

She explained the importance of stretching.

After this, she explained the first part of the exercise.

You can learn the right method of lunges in her videos.

This exercise can be done in two-second intervals slowly and repeat it 8 times on each side.

You have to hold the lunge for 8 seconds once you have done the final rep.

Federick Aegidius is her husband, who is with her for assistance.

She told in the video that she is not gaining weight in self-isolation, infect she is expecting a baby, and this is a hard time for her.

She has explained her workout plan very nicely and said, spend 20 seconds for each workout in the second part and then take rest for 10 seconds.

With the help of Federick, she is doing great in this chronic situation and keeps on motivating her fans.

Annie Thorisdottir coveys a great message to stay positive in this hard time.

If you have no equipment at home, even if you are expecting a baby, you can still continue your efforts to reach your fitness goals.

This is free time for all, and we can use this in doing some useful activity rather than wasting time on Netflix or scrolling down social media.

The best source to avoid anxiety is doing your workout at home.

Check Out How Annie Thorisdottir Home Workout Looks Like:

Annie thorisdottir at home workout - no equipment reguired!

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