Arnold Classic Australia coronavirus

Arnold Classic Australia in Danger Following Increasing Coronavirus Concerns


Coronavirus has taken over the world, and now Australia is on its target.

Arnold Classic Australia coronavirus

Arnold classic Australia could face difficulty as Australia is red zoned for coronavirus, and public gatherings are banned now.

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The Arnold Classic Australia was planned to be held on the concerned dates, but due to some concerns, now there is some change in the program, and of course, the reason is the only CORONAVIRUS!

Arnold Classic Australia And Coronavirus

This event is among the grandest events around the world, which has got affected by this epidemic.

This show has got cancellation due to gathering.

According to the stats by Australia’s chief medical officer, the Government has decided on banning the public gatherings of more than 500 people.

Now let’s see what happens next!

The officials at the Arnold Classic Australia are working on this condition, but they cannot take any kind of risk, which can result in unwanted outcomes.

Till now, there is no backup plan for this program, but it is hoped that the condition will be normal.

The Australian Government is taking actions regarding the public gatherings, and it is strictly not allowed to conduct any type of EXPOS, and events like that.

One hundred twenty-six cases have been found in Australia, which is affected by this spread, and still, the conditions are not under control.

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