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Arnold Classic Ohio And Australia Latest Update Schedule Of Events


Well, details are still emerging for Arnold Classic, Ohio, about what is coming for the fans this weekend by Arnold.

Also, updates about Arnold have also begun to emerge.

The die heart fans of Arnold Classic and Sports Festival were really expecting to attend to this superb event in Columbus, Ohio.

But due to some changes, the plan has got changed, and surely it is not so good news for the fans who wanted to attend this event.

The main reason is, of course, the most discussed and hot ‘CORONVIRUS.’

The management doesn’t want any kind of mishaps, and that’s why it has introduced some changes in the schedule.

The new is coming to that event that has got canceled for this weekend.

Moreover, almost 20 athletes have got disqualified from the competition who had come from affected regions.

However, following all these revelations, a lot of questions have been raised for the Arnold Sports Festival.

As more useful information has been shared regarding the event, and according to the news by Mike Davies, this exciting festival is expected to continue this very morning.

But still, there are some chances for cancellation, according to a statement by IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion, every other bodybuilding competition is expected to face some delay.

arnold classic updates

But for all the fans here is good news, the most awaited event is here, on Saturday.

What about the other Arnold Classic events?

It seems that the other Arnold Classic events are not going to affect by the same Coronavirus reason. However, the news about Arnold Classic Australia is on headlines that it will be according to the plan.

This news has confirmed by Tony Doherty on his Instagram account.

So, according to the news, you can expect Arnold Classic and event in Australia this weekend.

All the planning is proceeding for the fans, so hope for the best as something outstanding is coming.

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