Arnold Schwarzenegger And Joseph Baena pose

Workout And Posing Motivation By Arnold Schwarzenegger And Joseph Baena


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great bodybuilder and father of Joseph Baena.

He shared his workout plan with his fans and encouraged them to stay home.

His son, Joseph Baena, has another plan to keep people motivated, he shares his bodybuilding pose on its Instagram account to promote home workout during isolation.

Like Father Like Son: Joseph Baena posing

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Perfect time to practice some posing!

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He is a constant source of motivation for his fans.

Recently, Joseph Baena tried to copy his father’s most famous pose.

Both of them look almost similar when it comes to bodybuilding.

Joseph has been gaining popularity all over the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Joseph Baena pose

However, it is a little bit hard for him to train other people in lockdown.

The great thing is; he does not break his workout routine even in this global crisis.

In his recent Instagram post, he said that this is the most precious time for him to polish his posing skills.

He is so obsessed with becoming a bodybuilder like his father, trying hard to create ionic poses like his father. Every time, he comes with a strong pose.

Arnold had become a sports illustration many years ago, and now this is the turn of Joseph Baena.

Joseph Baena has learned all of the amazing skills from his father, trying to make his name instead of known as the son of Arnold.

He wants to become the strongest man of the work, and his obsession will help him achieve his goals.

He wants to make his path and trying some new poses to amuse his fans with something innovative.

Here are the few tips of Schwarzenegger to become a bodybuilder:

Capture Progress Photos

Monitoring your gain is extremely important, and you can get photos from the back, front, and sides.

Schwarzenegger added this method in his book and said, this is how you can check your progress after similar intervals.

Basics Are Important

It is recommended to start with compound movements instead of working on specific muscles.

According to Schwarzenegger, before adding multiple exercises to your routine, it is important to gain at least 15 pounds.

Don’t Avoid Complete Sets

Make complete sets aiming for eight to twelve reps.

Schwarzenegger recommended doing more repetitions if you are lifting less weight.

Make Use Of Machines

It is ok to use high loads, but you cannot neglect machines as this is the age of machines so you should take advantage of them to achieve your fitness goals.

Take Rest

Take rest at least one day of a week so that your body can get a chance to recover muscles easily.

However, light exercises or walk are exceptional.

Go for a walk after taking your meal; it will help you to digest your food immediately.

Constant effort can help you gain muscles and become stronger than before.

This is the time when you can work on your body and skills.

Make sure when this lockdown ends, you will come up with a strong body and a strong mind. Stay home and stay safe, take care of your family and yourself.

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