Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2020 Results

Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2020 Results


Here we have the winner of Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2020— Olga Liashchuk!

This exciting event was held between March 6th – 7th, 2020, in Ohio, Columbus.

Olga Liashchuk and various other strong women compete for this event for the top prizes.

Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2020 Results

Over a couple of years, we have been witnessing many achievements of strength records at Arnold Sports Festival, and so we this time.

The good news is, Olga, wins her 2nd pro title in a row.

The most exciting move from Olga’s last night’s performance was 140-pound Monster Dumbbell for 5 reps.

Another amazing achievement was a Tire Flip, where this strong woman lifts a deadly 500 pounds tire with 9 reps in just a minute.

But undoubtedly, other plays also did their best, while the runner up Danielle Vaji performed superbly well throughout the competition.

She did 6 reps on the tire flip, and along with that pull deadly tire of 525 pounds with 10 reps.

While on the other hand, 3rd winner— Jessica Fithen also showed great performance and tied Olga by locking 140-pound deadly dumbbell with just 5 rep. She also performed a standing stone event and became successful with 34 reps on 240lbs stone.

Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2020 Results

Olga Liashchuk (Winner)
Danielle Vaji
Jessica Fithen

Arnold Pro Strongwoman Past Winners

2019: Olga Liaschuck (Ukraine)

2018: Donna Moore (United Kingdom)

2017: Leifia Ingalls (USA)

600 Pound Deadlift Record

While on the second day at this event, Kristin Rhodes and Andrea Thompson break the 600-pound elephant bar deadlift mark, while the Andrea pulled a huge 621 lbs deadlift to set a deadly new record in the event.

Haley Randall is the first woman who tried to make a great history of breaking the 600lbs.

She tried two times but all in vain.

Andrea Thompson Redefines What Is Possible | Rogue Record Breakers 2020

Kristin Rhodes’s – 616lbs

Kristin Rhodes vs. 616lbs | Rogue Record Breakers 2020

Olga Liashchuk: Tire Flip 227 kg 9 reps 1min.

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Let’s see who will be next year the winner!

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