Arnold Sports cancelled

Arnold Sports Festival Cancelled, No Spectators, Only Athletes Due To Coronavirus


According to the current news, it was expected that the Arnold Sports Festival would be held this weekend in Colobus, Ohio.

But suddenly, the expo got officially canceled.

As we all know, Arnold Sports Festival is undoubtedly one of the best and most significant events this year so far, because various top-tier bodybuilders are participating in this competition and ready to compete with each other.

Arnold Sports cancelled

The expectations from the event’s athletes are quite high.

However, it seems that parts of this event have been canceled.

It has been declared in a press that some parts of this event will move forward, and so no spectators would be able to attend this exciting and most awaited event.

Well, that decision was made in unification with the Center for Disease Control.

However, Governor Mike and the management settled on a decision of not letting the limit of people attending event exceed.

Arnold Sports Festival Cancelled

It seems an easy decision, but actually, it was not for the parties who were involved in it.

But it was necessary to do so because of the severity of the virus, which is prevailing everywhere.

Let’s see how things work, and what will be the reaction of the fans on this news.

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