Australian Brazil CrossFit Results

Australian Brazil CrossFit Results!


Not one but two sectional events were held over the weekend by CrossFit.

The following are the Australian Brazil CrossFit results.

Australian Brazil CrossFit Results

From the category of the gold coast, an Australian was marked as the CrossFit champion.

The CrossFit events have several athletes and players wishing to get a chance to win the games or at least compete in the games.

All the players and athletes gave their best in the games, especially the men who scored points very close to one another over the weekend.

The Australian Brazil CrossFit results are as follows.

In the category of Men

  1.    Jay Crouch stood number one with 968 points.
  2.    James Newbury, another athlete, came second with 962 points.
  3.    The third position was awarded to Bayden Brown, who scored 938 points.

In the category of Women

  1. Kara Saunders scored 1074 points and was awarded the first position.
  2. Another great athlete Mia Hesketh scored 948 points
  3. The athlete Laura Clifton scored 906 points and was awarded the third position.

In the category of Teamwork

  1. Mayhem Independence scored 955 points.
  2. Starr Strength Black scored 900 points and stood second.
  3. Not Behd came third with 660 points.

The point to ponder is that Mayhem Independence and Kara Saunders are now invited to the CrossFit games.

This all results in sending the invitation to the other two Starr Strength Black and Mia Hesketh.

If Hesketh agrees to come to the even, then it would be her very first appearance in the CrossFit games.

Moreover, these were not the only attempts made over the past weekend. 

There had been Brazil cross-fit championship on the other face of the earth. Same as one going on in Australia, the event here had the players who had an ambition of achieving a rank in the games. Furthermore, the event held in Sao Paulo had progressed in marking history.

The results of the games are as follows:

In the category of Men:

  1. Adam Davidson was an athlete who scored 568 points and stood first.
  2. Josh Miller scored 556 points
  3. Guillermo Dominguez scored 484 points

In the category of Women

  1. Melina Rodriguez achieved the first position with 586 points.
  2. Cecilia Ramirez Villamil scored 584 points.
  3. Andreia Pinheirio achieved the third rank with 466 points.

In the Teamplay

  1. Taranis Lifetree stood first with 632 points.
  2. Invictus Brazil stood second with 596 points.
  3. Happy Hearts stood third 450 points.

The specialty of the event was that Melina Rodriguez became the first Brazilian athlete to win any such event as she had already won the invite, so the invite to the 2nd athlete was sent.

Davidson and Lifetree did not have invites before.

Well, wishes for all the athletes who are invited to the CrossFit events and also to the ones who won Australian and Brazil championship respectively.

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