Benefits Of Crossfit Workout

16 Benefits Of Crossfit Workout And Why You Should Try It


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, chances are you will have heard about a little trend in the fitness world known as CrossFit.

Needless to say, we’re being ironic, as CrossFit is currently one of the most lucrative brands in the fitness world, and it is worth billions.

Today we’re going to be looking at a few prominent benefits of CrossFit, so strap yourselves in, because this is going to be a good one.

It’s hard to describe what CrossFit is because there is no ‘one size fits all’ mold when it comes to CrossFit.

Each workout is different.

It is about training for functionality rather than aesthetics, and each session is unique.

One day you might be doing military presses and burpees, the next you could be running laps, doing muscle-ups, and lunges.

CrossFit even has its own unique vocabulary, with terms such as ‘Box’ and ‘WOD’ being commonplace.

A CrossFit box, btw, is the term used to describe a licensed CrossFit gym.

WOD stands for ‘workout of the day’.

Today we aren’t here to talk about the terminology associated with CrossFit, instead, we’re here to talk about several awesome CrossFit benefits.

In no particular order, here are a few awesome reasons to sign up for CrossFit.

The Many Benefits Of Crossfit:

Benefits Of Crossfit Workout1. High-Intensity Training

One of the main benefits of adapting CrossFit training routines into your regular workouts is the fact that doing so will allow you to step up your intensity.

High-intensity training has been found to promote all manner of benefits.

From increased calorie burn to insane muscle pumps, high-intensity training certainly offers plenty of benefits.

When you perform CrossFit workouts, you’ll find that a lot of the WODs require you to perform high-intensity exercise, which is great for ramping up your heart rate and calorie burn rates.

2. Low-intensity Training

Remember how we said that CrossFit is great for high-intensity training?

Well, it turns out that CrossFit is also ideal for people that wish to perform low-intensity exercise too.

CrossFit is great because it is a mish-mash of different training principles, which means that you never know what you’re doing from one day to the next.

One round could be a high intensity round, whereas the next could be low intensity.

Low-intensity exercise is great for building endurance and is much more forgiving on the joints as well.

3. Save Time

One thing you’ll notice about CrossFit classes is that you don’t hang around once you get started.

Walk into any gym and you’ll notice people sitting around chatting, checking their phones, and generally wasting time between sets.

There’s none of that in CrossFit.

Once you begin, your instructor will constantly be on at you to keep going and to work from exercise to exercise, and from set to set, with very little time in between.

CrossFit is fast-paced and because of that, you’ll find that it saves you a great deal of time.

If time is against you and you want to get in and out of the gym, sorry, box, as soon as you can, CrossFit workouts are ideal.

4. Build Muscle

Another awesome benefit that we’re going to be looking at today is the fact that CrossFit can help you to build muscle.

If you’re looking to achieve optimal muscle hypertrophy from your training, CrossFit is ideal.

Many of the exercises that you perform during a CrossFit workout are designed to promote muscle growth and repair.

With CrossFit, you’ll do bodyweight exercises, Olympic lifts, calisthenics, kettlebell exercises, and much more besides.

All of these methods of training will help you to build muscle mass, so whether you want to bulk up for athletic purposes, or to simply look better in a tight-fitting shirt, CrossFit will allow you to do exactly that.

5. Burn Fat

We couldn’t provide an article looking at the CrossFit benefits, without talking about just how effective CrossFit is for burning fat.

Obesity levels are now out of control and these numbers only look set to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

With obesity levels increasing, mortality rates are also on the up.

Life expectancies are declining, weight-related health issues are more common than ever, and people’s mental health is also suffering drastically.

Full-Body Fat-Burning CrossFit Workout | Sara Pascale

CrossFit is a great way of losing weight.

When you take up CrossFit, you’ll find that you burn more calories than you ever thought possible.

CrossFit is incredibly physically demanding, and as a result, you’ll find that you burn off hundreds upon hundreds of calories per session.

6. Get Stronger

Another benefit that we can’t afford to overlook, is the fact that CrossFit is a great way to increase your strength and get stronger.

When you take up CrossFit, you’ll perform all manner of exercises that directly and indirectly help to promote increases in strength and power.

You’ll do bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, and push-ups, along with Olympic style lifting which is designed primarily to improve strength and power.

Whether you want to lift your own bodyweight, deadlift twice your body weight, or just improve your snatch (no laughing, we’re all adults here) CrossFit will help you to exactly that.

7. Stronger Core

Another reason why CrossFit is considered to be so beneficial for people trying to improve their strength is because of the fact that it helps to build a strong and powerful core.

Having a strong core means that your levels of strength and power overall become far more impressive. Your core is responsible for providing balance and mobility.

Your core is the equivalent of the foundations on which a home sits.

If your core is weak, you become weak by default.

Many of the exercises and movements you perform during a CrossFit workout will target your core stabilizer muscles.

This means that you’ll be able to generate more strength and power than beforehand and you’ll find your training sessions more efficient as well.

8. Great Abs

Okay, first off, if your diet sucks, or if you’re carrying too much body fat, taking CrossFit classes won’t suddenly give you a great set of abs.

However, if you have low body fat already, and are eating a clean and healthy diet, CrossFit will certainly help you to build a set of abs to be proud of.

As we mentioned, CrossFit is ideal for anybody looking to tone their muscles, including their core muscles, I.E the abs.

Because so many movements and activities that you perform during a CrossFit workout recruit your core stabilizer muscles, the end result is a set of abs that you could grate cheese upon.

That might be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but you get the point that we’re trying to make, right?

9. Fun

At the time, when you’re in the midst of a CrossFit workout, gasping for breath, sweating, sore, aching, and wiped out, fun probably wouldn’t be the first word that sprang to mind when asked to describe CrossFit.

However, once you get your breath, shower, and relax a little, you’ll actually find yourself counting down the hours until your next CrossFit session.

This is because CrossFit is fun.

The great thing about CrossFit is that you never know what’s coming next.

Rather than going through the same boring, and repetitive workout for the twentieth time that month, you instead do a variety of different exercises, workouts, movements, stretches, and routines that give you something new and exciting to enjoy.

In terms of the many benefits of CrossFit out there that can be enjoyed, the fact that CrossFit is fun is certainly not something to be taken lightly.

10. Meet New People

If you’re looking to get out there, meet new people, make new friends, and maybe even form a new relationship, taking up CrossFit is a great way to do exactly that.

When you take part in a CrossFit WOD, you will join a group of other keen CrossFitters who are looking to improve their health and well-being and expand and broaden their horizons too.

The fact that you are all there is beneficial in itself because it means that you all have common ground and therefore have things to talk about to break the ice.

Many a friendship and relationship has been formed when people have decided to take up CrossFit, and who knows, maybe you could be next?

11. Learn New Things

Another awesome reason to take up CrossFit is because of the fact that it will allow you to try and learn new things.

Most people have been to a gym before and so they know all of the basic exercises and pieces of equipment found in commercial gyms.

CrossFit boxes, however, contain different pieces of kit and require you to perform different exercises.

Whereas most people know how to do a barbell bench press, how many people know how to do a thruster?

CrossFit is great because it allows followers to learn new exercises, movements, and routines and it teaches you how to master them for future reference.

12. CrossFit Works

When talking about the many benefits currently in existence, you simply cannot overlook the fact that CrossFit works, and boy, does it work well.

CrossFit is very effective when it comes to building strength, burning fat, building muscle, promoting flexibility and mobility, and a whole lot more besides.

Basically, CrossFit does exactly what it is designed to do, and then some besides.

If you want a form of exercise that is effective for a whole manner of different reasons, CrossFit is perfect.

13. CrossFit is Functional

So far, we feel that we’ve done well when talking about the many benefits out there, only to mention the word ‘functional’ a couple of times.

Well, all of that is about to change now.

You see, CrossFit is one of the most functional forms of exercise in the entire world.

It is a training principle that promotes functional fitness.

Functional fitness is fitness that will help you beyond the gym and on social media.

Sure, you might be able to bench press 3 plates aside, and cheat curl the 100-pound dumbbells for reps, but what good will that do you if you’re not flexible enough to bend down and tie your shoelaces, or if you’re not fit enough to walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath.

CrossFit promotes fitness and functionality that will help you in everyday life.

It utilizes exercises, movements, and routines that build functional strength and fitness, so your everyday health and quality of life, in general, become much more pleasant.

14. Great Talking Point

Yes, we’ve all heard the tired old cliché that people that do CrossFit can’t wait to talk about it, but in truth, why wouldn’t you?

CrossFit is relatively new and exciting, and it goes above and beyond the normal benefits, you’d expect to get from conventional training.

If a bodybuilder sat down with a regular gymgoer and tried describing a typical 5-day split, the person listening would struggle to stay awake after a while.

You can check CrossFit Vs Bodybuilding too.

With the many benefits, though, there is so much to talk about and so much to consider that you could ramble on all day and barely scratch the surface.

You can talk about the benefits, the classes, the other members, the exercises, the terminology, and much more besides.

Yep, when talking about CrossFit, there is no end of exciting topics to cover.

15. Look Great

CrossFit might not be about aesthetics like bodybuilding, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look great from it.

CrossFit is intense and it provides numerous benefits when it comes to your physique.

Many CrossFit athletes have some of the most aesthetic physiques we’ve ever seen.

16. Improve Flexibility

If your flexibility sucks, CrossFit is perfect.

Because CrossFit promotes stretching and mobility work, you’ll find that your levels of flexibility improve substantially when you take up CrossFit classes.

Bottom Line:

And with that, we’ll bring this look at the many benefits of CrossFit out there to a close.

We hope you’ve found it insightful and enjoyable, and if so, be sure to check out your nearest CrossFit box the next time you get a chance.

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