Big Ramy 1700lb Leg Press

Big Ramy Crushes Intimidating 1700lb Leg Press 8 Weeks From Arnold


Big Ramy is working hard to make a big comeback in the bodybuilding.

Previously, he suffered from a shoulder injury in March 2019.

He had to spend months on recovery and rehabilitation.

Big Ramy 1700lb Leg Press

But, now he is recovered and fully motivated to make a grand comeback — the amount of effort that he is putting shows his commitment and hunger.

He shared some clips of his workout, and it appeared like he was never on the break. He is getting some serious pumps.

Big Ramy has decided to make a grand comeback as he’ll be participating in the Arnold Classic going to held in March this year.

As the competition is getting near, the excitement is also increasing.

The bodybuilding community has acknowledged this announcement with great excitement.

They believe Big Ramy’s participation in the competition would make the competition even tougher.

This is because he has already won Arnold Classic once.

His fans are very excited about his comeback because Big Ramy is training regularly and he is hitting the heavyweights.

Big Ramy is posting constant updates of his workout routine and each time he looks stronger than ever.

He posted his new video on YouTube, where he was shown doing leg exercises.

In his latest video, Big Ramy can be seen doing a variety of leg exercises. He is training with heavier weights.

In the video, he can be seen hitting an insane blending of 1700lb leg press. That’s why Big Ramy 1700lb is trending everywhere. He performed multiple reps of 1700lb.

Big Ramy 1700lb leg press video has sent a message to the participants that he is more than ready to win in Columbus, Ohio.

Big Ramy 1700lb Leg Press Video


His insane workout routine is certainly the proof of his unbelievable preparations for the Arnold Classic in March 2020.

His recent workout videos are nothing less than an insane workout, and the bodybuilding community is praising him a lot as Big Ramy 1700lb is trending.

Since his injury in March 2019, he hasn’t trained even once because he was in the rehabilitation process.

Now that he is recovered from the injury, he has decided to go with full thrust and show the world what he is capable of.

Big Ramy has previously won the title of Arnold Classic once, and now he is set to become the 2nd time contender of Arnold Classic.

If he manages to win here, this would be even better than the previous one because he is coming back from an injury.

He hasn’t participated in any competition since the 2018 Mr. Olympia.

Even if he doesn’t win here, it will be interesting to see him in competitive bodybuilding.

Right now, people are talking about Big Ramy 1700lb leg press and believe that he’ll be more than just a participant in the Arnold Classic.

He is looking in great shape and condition.

Arnold Classic is only 8 weeks away from now, and Big Ramy still has some time to improve his shape.

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