Big Ramy Arnold Classic Ohio

Big Ramy To Compete At Arnold Classic Ohio


Rumors of Big Ramy Return At Arnold Classic Ohio In 2020!

Big Ramy was not on the front screen for a quite long.

However, recently he has shocked his fans with his guest posing at a competition in Spain, and he looked superbly awesome.

Undoubtedly, this superstar is the most popular figure in the bodybuilding industry, though not having enough appearing since 2018.

However, there were some rumors that he may make an appearance in 2019 Mr. Olympia.

But in the end, he cleared that he is not going to participate. It was due to the severe injury he had suffered earlier in the year, which is why he refused to take part in it.

But fans didn’t lose hope, and they waited to see Big Ramy return to compete before the end of 2019.

And people were right, he did a guest posing earlier in 2019, and it was his impressive posing.

But he announced he wouldn’t participate in 2019, instead of making his superb return at the Arnold Classic Ohio.

Big Ramy Arnold Classic Ohio

While despite have an exact clear date of his next competition, Big Ramy has still been having those asking when big Ramy returns.

This happened at the Campeonato de España, where Ramy appeared for a wonderful guest posing.

He also uploaded his video on Instagram gracefully posing at the show.

He was looking impressive.

Moreover, he captioned it with the good news of his return, and about the hard work he has done to go ahead.

I saw a lot of guys commenting on my recent guest posting saying which show will I compete in. Guys, as I said in my interview with @dragonpharma_llc I will see you all in Arnold classic Ohio…this, is my current off-season shape at 350lbs (147kg) relatively lean trynna play the size game so trust me i’ll more lean hard and shredded than ever in my next show insha Allah.

Well, it’s great news for all his fans out there.

It’s very pleasing to see Big Ramy confirming his news of return and competing at the Arnold Classic Ohio.

This is surely his first time hitting the stage since 2018 Mr. Olympia, where he was successful in securing 6th place.

However, it will be worth seeing when he goes to compete in Ohio, in the coming March, it’s time to see how much improvements he has made.

It’s clearly visible that Ramy is excited to compete again with great power and spirit. With various other guests’ posings, he is keeping his stage super fresh and excited.

However, fans need to wait to see him in the big show performing at his best.

So we all are waiting for the big show by Ramy.

Surely, he is going to put all his efforts to show his skills.

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