Brandon Curry drugs

Brandon Curry Breaks Down Details of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Bodybuilding


The famous 2019 Mr. Olympia champion Brandon Curry’s drug news has been opened up.

He (Mr. Olympia) sat down with Patrick Bet-David in an interview where he openly discussed all the details on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in professional bodybuilding today.

Brandon Curry drugs

His interview started with a bold question of how open was Curry with PED!

I’m Not One of those guys that depended on it early, I didn’t believe in that. Until being a pro was actually in my reach, it wasn’t necessary for me.

My thing fot these young guys is you have to come in and develop your physique completely as much as you can without because it’s going to benefit tou down the road.

Until you know the basics, the fundation of how to build muscle, how to burn fat, why are you going to overcomplicate this process, which is already complicated and add another variable that changes the game dramatically?

He explained that if athletes decide to take bodybuilding drugs without evening knowing the basics of them, then it can be very dangerous for them.

It’s necessary to understand everything about drugs.

The reason is most guys will resort to more bodybuilding drugs to solve this problem, but it is really not a good solution.

However, his win in September was super controversial as he didn’t give his 100% which he admitted.

Even the 6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates was not hesitant to offer a censure of the champ of which Brandon responded to shortly after.

Tennessee was not the one who received a lot of criticism; there are many other top-rated competitors who have faced this issue.

So yes, we think that Brandon has a lot of courage to discuss all these things openly with media, and always encourage others to never give up.

Brandon Curry drugs

Brandon Curry’s thoughts about using drugs without competing.

I don’t see a reason too unless aspire to go to a higher level, or unless you’re doing it for anti-aging benefits and health.

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2019 Mr. Olympia Winner Talks Steroids, PED & SARMs

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