Brian Shaw Car Deadlift

Strongman Brian Shaw Shows How He Actually Trains For the Car Deadlift Event


Strongman Brian Shaw is ready to set a new record through strongman lift.

The car deadlift is one of the best strongman events which displays the insane power of the strongest athletes.

Brian Shaw Car Deadlift

When it comes to strongman, then Brian Shaw is one of those athletes who know how to bring out the power.

He has been performing for years.

So yes, he is one of those people who could explain the weight lifting processes in a better way.

The Prep

After that, he was required to find out how much the Nissan Vera weighed.

More interestingly, Shaw also promoted various athletes.

He then went ahead and weighed the car which came out 680lbs.

The Lift!

However, the next up… was the deadly car deadlift.

Shaw was looking super determined, and he rapped out 680x10 reps, which was impressive.

He also added a 100lb plate in his trunk, which Shaw adds 50 pounds to his ends.

Check Out Brian Shaw Car Deadlift


Shaw is not sure it will be an event, but it was, however, at last year’s qualifier.

However, he was happy with this superb training and surely will have to modify the training sections to get the level event to require.

Brian Shaw finished off some training, and then Shaw wrapped up with a few words.

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