Brian Shaw Plans To Compete Against Eddie Hall In Bodybuilding 1

Brian Shaw Plans To Compete Against Eddie Hall In Bodybuilding


Yes, you have heard it right!

Brian Shaw is planning to compete against Eddie Hall in the bodybuilding.

The 4-time champion Brian Shaw and the famous 2017 World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie is super excited to compete with each other.

brian shaw eddie hall bodybuilding

No doubt, both share a great friendship bond and have competed against each other a lot of time.

They both never hesitate to repartee with each whenever they get a linkup.

We can witness a true friendship bond between them.

You can also find amazing entertaining content of them on their YouTube channel, which contains lots of challenges, training, and much more other stuff.

Brian Shaw Training To Compete Against Eddie Hall In Bodybuilding


It never matters to them, whether they are in the ring or on the street, they are always ready to challenge each other.

Even in the recent question and answer session, Shaw answered amazing questions about his goals and training.

Then, he replied one of the questions, like ‘would you like to compete with Strongman Larry Wheels in the bodybuilding?’

He answered, ‘well, I wouldn’t until I get done with Strongman, and I just want to focus on one thing at a time.’

He then told that he and Eddie are going to compete with each other soon.

But one thing is for sure, and that is these two beasts have amazing muscle mass on their frames.

We can observe the superb transformation in the Eddie over the years, soon after his retirement.

He learned to lose more than 70 pounds and looked bulk as a result.

However, Eddie weighed nearly 430 when he is competing in the big Strongman competitions.

Surprisingly, he was able to lose a good amount of weight.

But later one a 7th place finish in the Arnold Europe 2019, Shaw felt to beat the competitors he needs to work on his strength more, and need to move his cardio and also athletic performance.

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ARNOLD SANTA MONICA I’M COMING!! – I decided to put my head down and train without distractions to get ready for the last Arnold Pro Strongman qualifier…and it was not an easy prep with multiple challenges I had to deal with and overcome but I stayed the course and I feel good about where I am at heading into the contest. – All the work is done and all that is left to do is go put all the hard work on display Saturday and get my qualification spot to the Arnold in Columbus!! – If you want to come watch there are still a few tickets left…just go to A portion of the proceeds go to support firefighters and their families. This was a great event last year hosted by @schwarzenegger and I’m sure this year will be even more awesome! – If you can’t make it @roguefitness will be streaming the contest live! – @redcon1 @cbdfit @trifectasystem @roguefitness @getnewage @probodycoach #shawstrength #begreat

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However, there is a height difference which we witness in between them, and that’s 5 inches.

This could make a difference!

Now it’s a big-time call for Shaw after placing 6th at the last years’ Worlds’ Strongest Man due to his less than average cardio.

The plan was to drop down almost 400 pounds from 434lbs to just to cut some weights after felting it is affecting his performance since this man involves more than just being huge and strong.

Well, it will be super exciting to see both beasts competing with each other, but surely it is likely to happen after 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition.

However, but for that Brian, Shaw really needs to work hard to maintain his weight and mass to bring the best out of him.

Also, check the Arm wrestling secret by Eddie hall.

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