Britain’s Strongest Man 2020 adam bishop

Britain’s Strongest Man 2020 Results Are Out: Adam Bishop Wins!


The wait is over now!

Britain’s Strongest Man 2020 adam bishop

The most awaited event has out its results. And the winner is— Adam Bishop.


Yes, you got it right, these were the last year’s runner up, and now this time they have conquered the hall.

The first-ever big Strongman event of the new decade, Britain’s Strongest Man 2020 is really behind us, and as predicted, Adam Bishop and the great Stoltman Brothers placed in the TOP 3 Positions.

But this time Adam Bishop has come up victorious.

Amazing night at Britain’s Strongest Man. Such a close contest all the way though but I managed to get the win! Super happy to share the podium with my strongman brothers @tomstoltmanofficial and @luke.stoltman It really is a changing of the guard. A new era for British Strongman. Thank you for all the love tonight – I am so proud to be Britain’s Strongest Man.

It has been seen that the event was not on free TV, but really we still don’t know what exactly the entire layout of competition disciplines was.

But luckily, the show host— Giants live did drop some amazing small snippets showing us what went down. In the event, the best of strength in Britain had to compete an Atlas stone run, and a log lift ladder and a heavy 350kg deadlift from a deficit platform.

However, successfully accomplished by these 3, the giants of strength had 2 more events to showcase their real strength and power, which were carry medley with an anvil, bag, keg, and a tire with Conan’s Wheel.

However, so now this was the description of the event, let’s now take things from the top. We should start with the Atlas Stones.

Adam Bishop The winner!

These stones are a Strongman classic which usually happens on all big Strongman events, while the current world which the youngest of two brothers ruined with a stone run in 16:09, according to Giants Live is a new world record.


Moreover, another amazing thing is Mateusz Kieliszkowski has the same timing from the 2018 Giants Live tour finals. The next thrilling event part was the deadlift.

Yes, it was amazing where Adam Bishop racks up the needed game points and get 11 reps with almost 330kg axle bar from a deficit.

But do you know what?

Lifting this weight on the regular bar is super hard, let alone doing it on the thick-handled axle bar.

You can also check the 2020 Arnold strongman results.

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