stefi cohen build strength

Powerlifter Stefi Cohen Explains The Most Effective Way To Build Strength


Powerlifter Stefi Cohen has explained the secrets and mechanics of building strength and stability.

Stefi Cohen is one of the most powerful woman powerlifter going around, and she gave a depiction of this statement at Arnold Classic.

stefi cohen build strength

She set a world record of 459lb squat, and to the shock of people, she only weighs at 123lb bodyweight. It is incredible to know that with this weight, she performed such a heavy squat.

Currently, at 123lbs she’s ranked in 2nd spot.

Moreover, she holds the all-time world record of the deadlift.

Previously, she was also occupied at an all-time total lift. It will be an injustice if we don’t call her the beast.

Everyone wants to know how Stefi Cohen builds strength. It can be determined from her educational and professional background that she certainly knows the secrets of how body mechanics work.

She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

In the field, she is an Exercise Physiologist and currently the co-owner of the Hybrid Performance Method. With such a phenomenal background, Stefi Cohen builds strength methods that are certainly the best.

We doubt that there can be a better person to explain how to build strength for lifting. Recently, Stefi Cohen has released a video on his channel, where she is explaining the in-depth information related to the most effective ways to build strength.

In her video, she has tried to explain the body mechanics and response of the body to weight lifting. She has given a very detailed breakdown of the information related to body mechanics. Stefi Cohen builds strength methods that can be really helpful for aspirant powerlifters.

The video gives very detailed information on how the muscles work to produce force and velocity and when they come under resistance load.

Stefi Cohen has talked about how to gain strength performance.

She described that if you want to hit heavier squats, then you should spend more time performing squats with a heavier weight than lighter weight.

This technique is called Specific Adaption to Imposed Demands.

This particular Stefi Cohen builds strength method is focused on strength adaption.

Build Strength Adaption:

Primary factors of the Stefi Cohen build strength adaption method are lateral force transmission, prime movers, strength, and hypertrophy.

How to Train?

  • Train with heavier weights to gain strength. The heavier the weight, the more strength you’ll gain.
  • Speed & force training can result in strength adaption, but interference isn’t important if you’re not training for competitive powerlifting.
  • Weight adjustment should be minimal to measure the progress.
  • Don’t put too many efforts on frequency as your primary focus is intensity and volume. Frequency can be increased or decreased when needed.
  • Don’t always train for lifting; variation in the workout is also important. Try to mix-up different workouts.
  • Focus on recovery as well. Without proper muscle recovery, you can’t gain enough strength.

The Full Video

The Most Effective Way To Gain Strength (Strength Explained)

Stefi Cohen explains the variable paths to build strength as the goals of each individual can be different. You can adopt trial, error, and correction techniques to identify the best solution for yourself.

Also, you can check Stefi Cohen legs workout At home.

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