Calum Von Moger return

Calum Von Moger Primed To Return To Competition At Jay Cutler Classic


Calum Von Moger Return!

It’s been a wait for the fans.

They have been waiting to listen from the man himself; we’re talking about Calum von Moger’s return.

He is one of those unlucky blokes who has seen glory but in glimpses.

Calum Von Moger return

Everyone knew he is going to be a star in the future after he won Mr. Universe.

Then came his bad day when he suffered from a series of injuries.

Calum von Moger returns to bodybuilding and powerlifting is going to create tough competition.

Just when his career was reaching to the highest limits, he suffered from his bad luck.

After winning the Mr. Universe contest, he was getting a lot of offers from big names.

Having the title of Mr. Universe is nothing ordinary, and he was also doing some movie work.

At that time, everyone was talking about how good his future is going to be.

After a few sights of glory and success, his bad luck put a break to his advancements.

He suffered from a series of injuries, including his most recent knee injury.

Before that, he has also suffered from biceps tear and hand injury.

His series of injuries were so concerning that at one stage; people were talking about whether he would be able to compete again or not.

His injuries kept coming one after another, and at one stage, it was seemingly impossible for him to make a return to the competitive bodybuilding.

There was nothing that could stop him from returning to the competition, and now Calum von Moger’s return is very near.

He showed faith and discipline, and now he is set to come at the back of a series of injuries.

He is trying hard to make a grand comeback, but time will tell how far he may succeed.

As of now, we can only estimate from his most recent pictures.

He posted a collage of his two pictures on Instagram.

He described that these two pictures are one week apart and he is eying 2020 Jay Cutler Classic.

From his pictures, we can assume that he is making progress and looking sharper in the latest picture.

We’ll have to wait until the competition to know how well he has progressed.

We can’t expect him to win, but we can say the Calum von Moger return would lit up the competition and everyone would try even harder.

We can expect Calum von Moger to return any time this year because the news has come from himself. He has announced that he would be competing in the 2020 Jay Cutler Classic.

The competition is going to be very tough and challenging for everyone as the top professionals are returning to the scene.

It is also a signal for all the participants to stay on top of their games because Calum von Moger said he was regularly staying in the gym.

Everyone in the bodybuilding community is excited about Calum von Moger’s return to competitive bodybuilding.

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