Calum Von Moger secret child

Kenny KO “Calum Von Moger Having A Secret Child”


Kenny KO is a YouTuber, and for the past 2 months, he has been ranting on Calum von Moger and throwing dirt on him.

It seems like Kenny KO has finally spoken out the truth behind ranting Calum von Moger.

Kenny KO and a young female who is the mother of a 6 months old baby has a paternity test with her.

She is claiming that Calum von Moger is the father of her son named Kairos.

The name of the young female is Nicola Segura.

She has told the story of her affair with Calum von Moger and also said that he got her pregnant, and now she’s the mother of a child.

The lady told that a mutual friend introduced them to each other.

She was invited to a promotional event, but due to some circumstances, she could not attend the event. After then, Calum von Moger approached her.

She said they know each other for the last two years.

After Calum von Moger made contact with her, they started dating after a while.

In between these dates, she got pregnant on 23 December.

She contacted Calum von Moger on 10th January to share the news of her pregnancy.

According to her, Calum von Moger said that he didn’t want this child and told her to go for abortion and also offered to pay for it.

The lady said she wasn’t willing to go for abortion.

Calum von Moger said to her that he is not going to take responsibility for the child, and there’s only one way that he would continue their relationship if she goes for abortion.

She has various proofs of communication between her and Calum, including screenshots of text messages.

From the text messages, it is evident that they’re talking about the baby, and Calum changed his mind. He showed a willingness to have the child and agreed to carry on with the pregnancy. But later on, something changed his mind, and now the matter is in the court.

This is turning out to be a problem for Calum von Moger.

Calum von Moger’s secret child story is viral now.

The mother said that not only she has sued him for the child support but also the full custody of the child in a separate court.

Calum Von Moger secret child

Calum von Moger’s secret child story is circulating all over the web, and to be honest, something that’s already in the court shouldn’t be discussed on social media or YouTube.

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Calum Von Moger Tried Hiding This From Everyone

The lady wanted a response from Calum von Moger, and he responded to her by suggesting her to go for abortion.

This is something personal decision, and we can’t decide who is right and who is wrong.

The matter is in the court, and Calum hasn’t given any response to Calum von Moger’s secret child stories. The legal letters are forwarded to both the parties.

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