Calum Von Moger secret baby

Calum Von Moger Sets The Record Straight About ‘Secret Baby’ Situation


It is shocking and unexpected news to hear that Calum von Moger is the father of a child.

Until a few days ago, no one has any idea about his secret child, but the news is getting viral now.

YouTuber Kenny KO has some dirt to show on Calum von Moger, who is a fitness enthusiast and professional bodybuilder.

Calum Von Moger secret baby

Calum von Moger had an affair with a young lady named Nicola Segura, who is now a mother of Calum’s 5 months old son.

They knew each other for the past two years, and they were dating.

On December 23, 2018, Segura get to know about her pregnancy.

Calum Von Moger Sets The Record Straight About ‘Secret Baby’ Situation.

She informed Calum about her pregnancy, and he was not thrilled by the news.

Calum suggested her to go for abortion if she wants to continue the relationship with him.

He also offered her to pay for all the expenses.

Nicola Segura was not convinced, and Calum changed his mind and wanted her to continue with the pregnancy.

After some time, he again changed his mind and expressed his unwillingness towards her pregnancy.

Now, they have brought the matter in the court, and both have sued each other.

Nicola Segura wants child support, and Calum von Moger has sued her for full custody of the child.

The hearing will start on February 20.

Calum has recently released a video where he is explaining to his fans about the situation. He said that he is the father of a 5-month-old son.

He also said that it is not something that was planned or expected, but that is what life is all about.

Calum explained to his fans that he owes this to them because they have been very supportive of him throughout his professional career.

Check Out Calum Von Moger Secret Video!


Calum told in the video Segura informed him regarding the pregnancy, and he wanted a maternity test.

He asked this to know whether he is the father of the child or not because he had doubts about it.

Calum said that he was not dating her and nor did they knew each other very well, but still, she wanted to keep the baby.

Calum said that he was not willing to have this child, but she continued with the pregnancy.

Calum von Moger said that he is not happy about this matter is all over the social media.

He was concerned about this because he was not even sure whether he is the father or not.

The mother took the matter to the public and collaborated with Kenny KO to show people that Calum does not want to deal with the baby.

This is a very personal matter, and Calum wants people to give him some privacy.

His life is always open to the public, and people will not stop talking about this.

We expect Calum to deal with this matter with courage and patience.

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