Bumstead brandon chest workout

Watch Chris Bumstead, And Brandon Curry Take On Raw Chest Workout Together


People do not get to see two of the best bodybuilders doing the workout together.

A video of Chris Bumstead and Brandon Curry has come out where they are doing chest workout. One of them is Mr. Olympia, and the other one is Classic Mr. Olympia.

Chris Bumstead shared the video on his YouTube channel where both are talking in a very friendly manner, Chris Bumstead also called Brandon “real Mr. Olympia,” and they both started laughing over it.

Both of the bodybuilders achieved massive successes in the previous edition of Mr. Olympia by winning the competition. They were on a little break after their wins so they could restart with fresh minds and energy.

This would give them a great boost to get into the groove for the 2020 edition of Mr. Olympia, which will be held in September.

They both enjoyed the session, and Brandon’s chest workout was the standout part of the video.

The video was shot at a gym called Carbonculture in Tennessee, and Brandon is associated with the gym.

Brandon Curry plans to open his gym in his native town where he lives and start his preparation for the 2020 Mr. Olympia in his gym.

The video shows Brandon’s chest workout was slightly better than Chris Bumstead’s workout, and Brandon took the lead.

The gym where they shoot the video has impressive machines, and they utilized different machines for the workout.

The first exercise they did was floor presses using a machine and then headed to incline press and then incline machine fly.

Bumstead brandon chest workout

Chris Bumstead explained that this incline machine fly offers a very smart workout.

Then they moved to incline dumbbell fly and press.

Brandon’s chest workout was very impressive, and he was saying that this movement is not easy at all, but it offers great benefits by circulating more blood and let you stretch more.

Then, they moved to the final workout of this session.

They did the final chest workout on seated cable fly, and both kept doing this until they failed.

This gave them a great pump.

After they ended the session, Chris Bumstead was looking fully pumped up because according to him, he has not done this much volume in a long time.

While Brandon is doing w way because he is looking to gain more contractions and condition his joints.

Brandon is doing the least possible that is not only benefiting him but also improving him.

Brandon Curry told after the session that rather than adding more weight, they tried different positions, which is also called using the mechanical advantage.

He explained that when you are trying to get back into the rhythm, then it is safer to train this way.

Chris Bumstead, And Brandon Curry Take On Raw Chest Workout

MR. OLYMPIA VS CLASSIC MR. OLYMPIA | Raw Chest Workout With Brandon Curry

Chris Bumstead ended the video by saying a few words about the workout session with Brandon Curry. It looks like they will enjoy great competition in 2020.

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