Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids For Thor?

Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids For Thor?


In this day and age, where people can post opinions on the internet and pass them off as fact.

It seems as if the world is packed full of ‘haters’ as they are known.

When people see a big and jacked dude strolling down the street.

They can’t help but think steroids.

On the internet or TV, however, people instead seem to be intent on criticizing.

Hollywood celebs such as Zac Efron and the Rock.

Often on the receiving end of online criticism.

And over the last few years.

The actor Chris Hemsworth has incurred the wrath of the online bodybuilding critics.


Because he dared to get in fantastic shape to play the role of the God of Thunder himself – Thor.

We all know how hard it is to build muscle.

And this is true whether you choose to use steroids or not.

If you use steroids, the process is a lot much more dramatic.

Though many would argue that it’s no easier.

Chris transformed his physique to play the role of the Marvel superhero.

But this begs the question of did Chris Hemsworth takes steroids for Thor or are his gains natural and the result of hard work, diet, and dedication in the gym?

Before we begin, we need to be clear on something: The content you are about to read is based purely on speculation on our part.

We do not know for certain whether Chris Hemsworth took steroids for the role of Thor.

Nor do we think we ever will!

We are in no way associated with Chris and we have no idea whether he may or may not have used steroids to transform his physique.

The purpose of this article is to look at what we know about steroids and to decide whether there are any signs of steroid use.

 Who Is Chris Hemsworth?

We don’t know if you’re aware.

But over the last decade or so.

There has been a bit of an increase in the number of Marvel superhero movies being churned out by Hollywood?

We are of course being sarcastic because it’s clear as day that the world has gone Marvel crazy.

Whether you love the Marvel Comic Universe or hate it.

It doesn’t look set to be going anywhere anytime soon.

But what does the Marvel Comic Universe have to do with Chris Hemsworth?

Well, Chris is an integral part of that universe, as he plays one of the main Avengers – Thor.

Avengers: Endgame will soon be hitting the big screen.

And it looks set to potentially be one of the biggest box-office smash hits of all time.

Before we learn more about Marvel, the Avengers, and Thor.

However, we first need to learn about Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor and heartthrob for women.

And men for that matter, all over the globe.

He is an actor who is painfully good looking.

With a jawline that looks as if you could use it to carve marble.

At just 36 years of age, he is still fairly young by Hollywood standards, though he is at his peak.

Thanks to his performances as Thor.

Despite being relatively young, he has been acting for many years now and has appeared in a number of very popular and successful movies.

He’s also jacked too high heaven.

This is why some people ask the question of did Chris Hemsworth take steroids for Thor.

Early Years

Chris Hemsworth was born in 1983, back on the 11th of August in the country of Australia.

He is a true Aussie, born and bred as he was born in Melbourne to a mother who was an English teacher.

And a father who was a counselor with the social services.

Acting is in his blood as his two brothers, Liam and Luke.

It also regularly appear on the big screen. Chris has

Dutch blood in his veins, along with Scottish, English, Irish, and German ancestry.

Genetically-speaking, all of the tools are there to build a strong, athletic, and powerful physique, and this shows.

Chris had a relatively normal childhood and it was clear from a young age that acting and sports were his passions.

In the year of 2004, he auditioned for a role in the hit TV soap-opera Home and Away.

The role he auditioned for was taken by another actor.

But he landed another role, playing the character of Kim Hyde, until 2007.

Life After Home and Away

Before appearing in close to 200 episodes of Home and Away.

Chris appeared in the odd TV show here and there.

After establishing himself as an actor, once he left Summer Bay (the fictional setting for Home and Away) he set his sights on a career in Hollywood.

Chris would not be the first soap opera actor to leave their chosen soap in the hopes of becoming a Hollywood movie star, nor will he be the last.

Many people did not expect him to land any notable roles once he left the soap.

But he was determined to prove them wrong.

He moved to the US, and after initially struggling to land any note-worthy roles.

He eventually scored the role of George Kirk, Captain Kirk’s father in JJ Abrams’ Star-Trek movie.

He only appeared in the early scenes of the movie.

But his performance impressed critics. He landed more roles and permanently moved to the US.

Where he appeared in movies such as Cash.

A Perfect Getaway, and Talk About It.

None of these movies were particularly successful.

So it surprised a lot of Marvel Comic fans when news broke of the role of Thor being played by none other than Chris himself.

Life As Thor

In 2010, he was cast as the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor.

Some fans were worried that he would be too small to play God.

Despite standing at 6ft 3 inches in height.

He, of course, went on to prove his critics wrong.

As not only was his performance on-screen extremely popular.

But his physique was also something to really…Marvel at (sorry, we’ll get our coats).

He would later go on to appear in 5 further Marvel movies as Thor (not including an uncredited appearance in Dr. Strange).

He will soon be back on screen, possibly for the last time as Thor.

In the final Avengers adventure Avengers: Endgame.

Other than his golden yellow locks of hair, and of course.

He’s a mighty hammer, the most obvious thing about Thor is his large physique.

He is pretty-jacked, not to mention the fact that he’s shredded at the same time.

Because of the dramatic changes that his physique underwent.

This did indeed lead to some people asking the question of did Chris Hemsworth take steroids for Thor.

Well, that’s what we’re going to try to figure out next.

Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids For Thor?

Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids For Thor?

He’s a big and jacked dude, but is Chris big and jacked enough to be accused of taking steroids.

Or could his physique be attained naturally?

Here are a few pieces of evidence both for, and against, potential steroid use on Chris’ part:

Transformation Timeline

One of the most effective ways of determining whether or not somebody is using steroids.

Or has used steroids to transform their physique.

Is to look at how long it took them to transform their body.

If for example, a person gains, say, 5 pounds of muscle over the space of two years.

Or even one year for that matter.

This is not a dramatically-large amount and it is something that could potentially be achieved naturally.

If they gained 30 pounds of muscle in a few months.

However, this is a lot of muscle mass to add in the space of one year.

Let alone a few months, and it could be indicative of steroid use.

One thing that people noticed about Chris when he played Thor.

Was the fact that he had bulked up and added a lot of muscle to his frame.

In a relatively short amount of time.

If you compare his last on-screen appearance with his appearance as Thor.

It’s easy to see how much size he packed on.

We don’t have weighing scale figures, but he is believed to have gained a little over 20 pounds of muscle to play Thor.

In a few months.

Is this possible naturally?

Well, it is possible in theory.

But it wouldn’t have been easy.

Chris Hemsworth - "THOR" Workout | Best Training

His Physique

To play a Norse God, you need to look like a God.

And Chris certainly has the physique, chiseled jawline, and hair.

He stands at 6ft 3 and weighs around 220lbs.

Now, for somebody at 6ft 3, this is big, but not enormous.

If he was below 6ft, 220lbs would almost certainly be an indicator of steroid use, as he would be huge.

At 6ft 3 however, he’s big, but not unnaturally big.

It is also worth noting that that 220lbs is all muscle.

As there is barely an ounce of fat on his shredded physique.

In fact, we’ll look at his bodyfat percentages up next.

Also, you can check his home workout routine.

Body Fat

If Chris weighed 220lbs, with a decent proportion of that weight coming from body fat.

People generally wouldn’t question whether he was on gear.

As he would look like a typical lifter that goes to the gym and trains, without taking his diet too seriously.

Chris however, is ripped to shreds and because of his vascularity and six-pack abs.

It’s easy to see that he is into single-digit body fat percentages.

Now, as you can imagine, being from Australia and appearing in a soap opera set at the beach.

Chris did fit the role of your stereotypical ‘surfer-dude’ and as a result, he has always been ripped.

While he wasn’t particularly jacked before Thor.

He was still lean, so a lean bulk is not out of the question.

As well as that, despite being lean, he isn’t ‘bodybuilder lean’.

Bodybuilders that compete, often drop down to as low as 3% body fat.

Chris looks to be sitting comfortably at around 8 – 10% for much of the year.

Getting this low in body fat is tough, but it is certainly very possible when natural.

No Signs Of Steroid Abuse

Some dudes are so obviously on steroids that it’s pointless even questioning it.

300-pound bodybuilders standing at less than 6-feet in height for example.

Just cannot get that big naturally.

As well as their enormous size, they also have puffy nipples and gyno.

Their shoulders and traps are oversized because of the increased amount of androgen receptors found there, as well as acne, and red flushed skin.

With people like that, you know they’re on steroids right away.

Chris doesn’t really have any signs of steroid use at all.

He has no gyno, no acne, his skin isn’t flushed, and his traps and delts.

As great as they are, they are not out of proportion with the rest of his frame.

So, did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids For Thor?

Based on what we know about Chris and steroids, we believe that Chris’s transformation for the role of Thor was actually achieved through hard work and ‘newbie gains’ as people call them.

He isn’t enormous, nor is his condition out-of-this-world.

And finally, there are no signs of obvious steroid use.

If he did in fact use steroids, he likely ran low doses of a weaker steroid such as Winstrol, or Clen to stay lean, perhaps with low dosages of HGH.

Our verdict, however, is that he is natural.



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