Christine Castro deadlifts

Powerlifter Christine Castro Crushes Gigantic 496lb Deadlift!


Who Is Christine Castro?

Christine Castro is not a new name in the powerlifting industry, comes out of Canada, and super-ready to beat the heat at the gym.

Christine Castro deadlifts

She has worked hard, and started working at the age of 26, and earn a good name in powerlifting.

She has started in Canada as a powerlifter in the 63kg division, before heading for 72kg class.

However, through her long career of 5 years, he has earned a lot of fame and a known high level of success and has a history of winning every competition.

She is undoubted, looking to keep winning the way she was.

To achieve the past stamina, and passion, she has been doing a lot of work in the gym, and try to beat the competitors in the competition.

She has uploaded a recent video of her crushing deadly gigantic 496 deadlift, which was almost 3 times heavier.

Moreover, she is on her way to compete at the upcoming CPU Nationals. Surely, this is going to be her ever first competition since the Ontario Open in November.

She hit almost a 493lb deadlift, to get succeed. But judging by the looks of certain things here, this superb record in no longer going to stand for a longer time.

However, the last time she competes was really not able to reach the mark of PR on the bench press.

But this time she is focused, and improving both with this, bench press and the deadlift.

So it seems that there would be no issue when the CPU Nationals come along.

It seems that she is going to blow away the minds of her fans with her performance.

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— 220kg/485lbs x1 210kg/463lbs x1 197.5kg/435lbs x1 90kg/198lbs x1 . I always tell my athletes to sleep more but here I am sleeping 5h on average this week. Time to prioritize sleep and nutrition so workouts are better. This my own fault and is in my control ?✌? . Sometimes I forget about how much progress I’m making because I keep comparing myself to other lifters but @qtpowerlifting always reminds me. . This is 7.5kg/17lbs higher than my heaviest pull from last prep and only 3.5kg/8lbs lower than my grindy third attempt at Provincials. Plus a sick tempo bench PR after deadlifts. . Good job today Christine ❤️ . @girlswhopowerlift | ???????? @zonesmellingsalts | ????: ??????????? @innerstrengthproducts

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We are looking forward to seeing her unbeatable performance at the CPU Nationals.

Let’s see how she will achieve the winning title.

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