Crazy Bulk Reviews: How It Works, And How To Use It?

Last edited: April 25, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

Nothing will shut a cocky and arrogant bodybuilder up quicker than asking him, or her, about anabolic steroids.

Talking to a bodybuilder about steroids is the equivalent of a child asking their parents about the ‘birds and the bees’.

We all know that steroids are rife in many bodybuilding communities, and many of us can spot a steroid user a mile away, but the mere mention of the word still causes lifters to break out into uncomfortable silences.

Now, if you’re trying to build muscle, burn fat, and transform your physique, there’s a strong chance that you’ll have been tempted by steroids at least once.

Anabolic steroids will give you crazy muscle gains in a matter of weeks.

Natural lifters just can’t get to the size of steroid users, no matter how hard they train.

With that said, however, the problems with steroids are that they’re illegal, and they can be dangerous.

That’s why we’ll be looking at some Crazy Bulk reviews today, as they could be the solution.

Rather than stocking dangerous and illegal steroids, Crazy Bulk instead offers bodybuilders and fitness fanatics safe and effective natural steroid alternatives, with the added bonus of being completely legal in the process.

Let’s look at some reviews and see what all the fuss is about.

Our Feelings On Steroids

First and foremost, the information contained within this article is designed to educate and inform.

We don’t condone nor recommend the use of anabolic steroids, but we certainly will not judge people that use them either.

We understand that people will use them with or without our advice, so we’d rather they did so safely while knowing exactly what they’re doing.

crazy bulk on steroids lab

As a safer alternative, however, legal steroids could be the perfect option, which is why we’ve compiled these reviews so you can get a feel for whether or not legal steroids are right for you.

Who Are Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is arguably the world’s most popular retailers of legal steroids and is a supplement company that has been in operation for well over a decade.

Opening in 2004, Crazy Bulk sells what they refer to as legal steroids.

The supplements they sell are designed to mimic the effects of powerful and illegal anabolic steroids, with the added bonus of being completely safe and legal.

Best of all is the fact that they have so many natural supplements to choose from, with each one being designed to function in a different way.

You have legal steroids for bulking up and building muscle mass, legal steroids for burning fat, legal steroids for strength, legal steroids for vascularity, legal steroids for performance enhancement, and much more besides.

Best of all is that these supplements are all legal so there is no prescription needed, and there are no legal concerns for you to worry about.

Do They Sell Anabolic Steroids?

Okay, this is where the confusion begins to arise.

You see, a lot of the time, people seem to think that Crazy Bulk is selling anabolic steroids online legally, but this is just nonsense.

It would be like a company claiming to have obtained a license to sell class-A drugs over the internet.

We understand that the word legal ‘steroids’ can be a little misleading, but that is nothing more than clever marketing.

Read any number of reviews and you’ll quickly find that the company in question does NOT sell real steroids at all, and they don’t claim to either.

In actuality, what the company does sell is natural herbal supplements which have been found to mimic the muscle-building properties associated with anabolic steroids.

The ingredients are actually herbal and completely natural steroids and have been proven to be very effective.

Yes, we understand that calling them ‘legal steroids’ is a little deceiving, but you have to appreciate the fact that the company is running a business and like any other business they need to attract customers in the first place.

Crazy Bulk Reviews

What Results Can Customers Expect?

Okay, one of the purposes of this article is ensuring these Crazy Bulk reviews are genuine, so we’re here to give you the open, honest, unbiased truth.

If you’re looking for the same results with legal steroids as you will get from anabolic androgenic steroids, then that is never going to happen.

These legal steroids and their ingredients are very powerful and effective, we know that, but they do not work miracles.

You can’t realistically expect to use Trenorol, Crazy Bulk’s answer to Trenbolone pack on upwards of 40 pounds of solid muscle in a matter of weeks.

Using the supplements while training and eating right, however, will definitely help you add noticeable amounts of muscle to your frame.

The exact amount of muscle you build will depend on which supps you use, what you’re eating, and how hard you’re training.

Some people, however, will be looking to burn fat and tone up, in which case Winsol, which is the legal equivalent to Winstrol, will work more effectively.

Crazy Bulk legal steroids will help you to build muscle, burn fat, boost vascularity, increase your strength levels, and just generally improve your physique and athletic performance.

They don’t work miracles so don’t expect to give an IFBB pro bodybuilder a run for their money because that’s never going to happen naturally.

If you want to improve your physique, your frame of mind, and your athletic performance, however, Crazy Bulk legal steroids are very effective.

Do They Need To Be Injected?

One of the reasons why steroids have a certain stigma associated with them in the first place is because many of them have to be injected.

Injecting yourself is not only painful and difficult, but it is also seedy and creepy as well.

As you know, many drug addicts inject drugs into themselves behind closed doors, and that’s one of the main reasons why there is a stigma associated with steroids, as they associate injecting steroids with the injection of drugs.

Thankfully, you will be pleased to hear that the legal steroids offered hereby Crazy Bulk do NOT need to be injected as they are simply swallowed in tablet form, just like you would when taking a vitamin supplement in the morning.

This alone makes them very appealing, so if anybody does tell you that these legal steroids have to be injected, you probably would be best to simply and politely ask them to take their opinion elsewhere.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When people use anabolic steroids, they are at risk from all kinds of very serious side effects, including gyno, acne, hypertension, organ failure, greasy skin, sweating, fever, nausea, suppressed testosterone production, a complete shutdown of the testosterone-producing system, heart attack, stroke, elevated cholesterol levels, mood swings, hair loss, hair growth, virilization, aromatization, and much more besides.

These side effects are all very serious and can potentially result in loss of life.

This is yet another reason why people choose to read reviews in order to find out as much info about legal steroids as possible.

Like virtually every nutritional supplement in existence, there are still side effects associated with legal steroids, especially if you consume more than you should, or use them incorrectly.

However, the side effects associated with legal steroids are in no way as dangerous as those associated with anabolic steroids.

Some of the supplements they offer, for example, contain stimulants such as caffeine, which caffeine-sensitive people can react negatively to.

In these cases, the caffeine can cause stomach upset, insomnia, cramps, dizzy spells, and the shakes.

Other people, however, deal with caffeine perfectly fine.

Again, Tribulus Terrestris is another natural herbal ingredient found in many of their supplements, and this ingredient has been found to boost testosterone levels.

Some people experience stomach cramps and digestive issues when they consume Tribulus, so again, some adverse side effects may be experienced.

It all depends on you as a person, rather than what legal steroids you consume.

Remember, we’re all different and unique, so just because Stephen from Miami got an upset stomach when he used Dbal, that doesn’t mean that you will also experience an upset stomach if you use Dbal.

Popular Products And Ingredients:

While we certainly don’t have time to list each and every product available on their website in great detail, what we will do is list some of their most popular products.

In terms of ingredients, the good thing about the reviews that we’ve seen online is the fact that if you head over to their website and click on the product you want to read about, you will then find all the info you could ever wish to find.

Simply click the product, click ‘ingredients’ and you can then read exactly what the product contains.

Remember, they are all-natural and all contain natural herbal ingredients and extracts.

Some of Crazy Bulk’s most popular supplements include the following, so keep an eye out for them:

  • Trenorol
  • D-Bal
  • Winsol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Decaduro
  • Testomax
  • Anadrole
  • HGH X2
  • Anvarol

Why Choose Legal Steroids?

So, now that we know a little more about Crazy Bulk, we now need to take a look at why people may wish to choose legal steroids as opposed to anabolic steroids.

Some of the main advantages include the following:

1. No Injections

Would you enjoy sticking a sharp needle into your butt several times per week?

No, of course, you wouldn’t, because you’re not a sadist.

Well, if you wish to use anabolic steroids, if you stay clear of oral steroids, you will need to get used to sticking yourself with a sharp needle.

This is not only painful, but it will also leave you susceptible to infection as well.

By using Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids, however, all you have to worry about is swallowing a few tablets each morning.

2. Much Safer For The Liver

Some steroids can be taken orally, which means that you only have to swallow them in tablet form, which many people find very appealing.

The problem with oral steroids, however, is the fact that they are high, highly toxic for the liver and they put it under a tremendous amount of pressure.

The liver is a vital internal organ and without it, we would simply die, it’s as basic as that.

Steroid users take Milk Thistle supplements to promote liver health during oral steroid cycles, but even so, the liver still sustains a lot of damage.

With Crazy Bulk legal steroids, however, the liver is much, much, much safer as they are not toxic to the liver if taken as instructed.

3. No Legal Worries

If you’re caught in possession of steroids, you will be in trouble with the law.

You probably won’t face jail if you only have small quantities but you will receive a caution and a fine, and you may get a criminal record.

If you are caught with large quantities, however, and the police suspect that you may be dealing steroids, that’s when things get very serious.

Even if you just sell your buddy a vial of Tren, if you are caught selling steroids, you could face years in prison and a very hefty fan.

The law does not pull any punches when it comes to anabolic steroids, which is yet another reason to consider Crazy Bulk legal steroids instead.

These supplements are 100% natural and are 100% legal, so you needn’t worry about being stopped by the law.

Crazy Bulk Reviews: Final Verdict

So, that brings us to the end of one of many reviews, and so you’re probably wondering whether these legal steroids are worth the money and why they’re so much better than anabolic steroids.

Well, they aren’t as powerful, we’ll tell you that now, but they are safe, legal, affordable, and still effective.

If you want to slam 40 pounds of solid muscle onto your body in weeks, these legal steroids aren’t for you.

If you gradually want to increase your lean muscle mass, all while getting leaner and a little stronger in the process, they are perfect.


crazy bulk on steroids lab


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Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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