Chris Spealler Recovering After COVID-19

CrossFit Athlete Chris Spealler Recovering After COVID-19 Diagnosis


It’s sad, but it’s true! The eight-time CrossFit Games winner has tested positive for COVID-19, which he announced last Tuesday.

We are talking about Chris Spealler, who is the biggest legend in the Cross Fit sports, and competed 8 times at the annual CrossFit Games.

Chris Spealler has competed from 2007 to 2012, and after that in 2014.

Chris Spealler Recovering After COVID-19

He got 3rd place at the CrossFit Games, in his 35 years old division.

This is not it; he also trains other athletes as well.

He updated on his Instagram that he has been tested positive for coronavirus, which has taken over the world of his fans.

He explained that initially, there were no such symptoms; neither he came in contact with a person like this.

But two days back, he tested positive.

Testing Positive for COVID-19:

Circumstances are difficult for all of us these days.  People talk about a “new normal” and we have all been effected by this virus in one way or another.  Initially I was hesitant to share this with anyone due to the uncertainty and fear around the virus, but I think it’s important for us to do our part and take things seriously with a level head.  I’ll be posting an IGTV later to share my experience and what it’s like personally, and with a family of 4.  Thankfully we are all recovering well but it’s a slow process.  Stay healthy, stay home, stay calm.

Right now, he is staying downstairs in his home to keep a distance from his family. But this virus has no mercy for anybody.

Unluckily, his wife has started showing symptoms, and the role has reversed now. He now has to take care of his young children while his wife is staying downstairs for the last week.

But this disaster didn’t end there.

He further explained how his kids tested positive, and still, they are displaying some symptoms of COVID-19, like dry cough, and fatigue.

Chris Spealler also mentioned that we should rely on prayer, and ask God for help. Now his condition is getting better, and so is his wife and the kids.

However, he is likely at the halfway of his recovery, and we hope he will be fine soon.

Chris Spealler’s currently on his week 4 and still has symptoms like sore throat and vertigo due to his inner ear issues.

But he is doing his best to this point to get him out of this condition.

He just wants to inform everyone that anybody can get this deadly virus.

He said, ‘everyone is susceptible to this virus, no one is safe from this one.

It’s better to stay at home and don’t take the risk of it.’ He has focused on the sensitivity of this situation, and we should not take the risk of anything.

However, Chris ended up by saying that you don’t need to live in fear.

Everything is fine, but somewhere there’s a mistake, and this is really not the way God intended to live.

Chris Spealler Recovering After COVID-19 Diagnosis

My Experience with COVID-19

We shouldn’t be living in fear but we also shouldn’t make the mistake of being naive to the current stare we are living in. Keep in mind this is just my experience. One of so many.

So stay at home, especially those who don’t have that immunity.

He advised to take care of the elders, surely Chris Spealler is the bravest person who has guts to share his experience with all of his fans and has received great support from all over the world.

He has shared amazing points.

But we all need to play our part by staying at home and safe others. We hope for everyone to stay safe and sound and stay at home.

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