CrossFit Games 2020

CrossFit Games 2020 Taking Place But Without The Spectators


The CrossFit games 2020 would be shifted from Madison.

These were held there from the year 2017. It won’t have fans there too.

CrossFit Games 2020

In a statement, the owner of the CrossFit said that they are thinking of shifting the games to the hometown Aromas of CrossFit games.

He said that we have planned competition with live media broadcasting.

Now we are planning for a competition in Aromas that is home to CrossFit athletic games.

Aromas are situated in the southern part of San Francisco’s bay area and also Santa Cruz.

The place where CrossFit was established in the Garage of Greg Glassman in the early 2000s.

We are working on the options of competitions that are virtual.

We would be scrutinizing the events around the world and also will have news for both fans and athletes in upcoming months.

Many of the North American leagues are thinking of resuming the games without the crowd; however, nothing as such has been declared up till now.

The tour by PGA is thinking of restarting the tour stops in June that also without spectators.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S health and disease specialist, stated that sports could be revived but without any crowd and in isolation.

As per CrossFit said the games would not be public contests.

Because of the decisions of banning large scale sports festivals, in the future, there will be no audience for the entire year.

The fans who had bought any tickets, hospitality, or camping packages will be provided with a refund by ticket master.

The CrossFit would provide the refunds.

Due to the current world situations, fans have been in doubt about what would be the final result of CrossFit games of 2020.

The CrossFit games 2020 Statement

The CrossFit games of 2020 were to be held in Madison, Wisconsin, on 29 July.

But due to the worsened health conditions all over the world.

It seems that there would be a need for changes in the plans.

This time has only become a season of alterations, getting online and cancellations.

However, a little information was given to clarify the situation and the expectations for the games.

A statement has been revealed that the location of the games is shifted to Aromas bin California.

Furthermore, they also said that the event wouldn’t be open for the general public and the tickets’ money would be refunded.

This news is heartbreaking for CrossFit lovers.

The people who were waiting for the 2020 games of CrossFit eagerly.

Furthermore, it is for the encouragement of the athletes who wanted to know the plans.

They did not tell that whether the games will be held on pre-planned dates or not.

Because of the uncertainty of situations nowadays, nothing can be said.

They might be a change in the situation at any time.

However, it is great to see CrossFit working and taking measures before time.

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