Dexter Jackson workout

Watch! Dexter Jackson’s Beastly Leg Routine 5 Weeks Out From 2020 Arnold Classic


We are only 4 weeks away from 2020, Arnold Classic.

All the bodybuilders included in the lineup are fine-tuning their bodies to bring the best out of them.

We cannot deny that the lineup of 2020 Arnold Classic looking very excited.

Dexter Jackson workout

Some of the top bodybuilders are making comebacks, and among them, 5 times Arnold Classic winner is also included.

We are talking about Dexter Jackson.

He has the record of winning more Arnold Classic titles than anyone else.

Not to forget, Dexter Jackson is 50 years old now.

It is unbelievable how one could be in such an impressive physique. He was in the top 5 positions of the Olympia.

At this age, if someone could pull out such a performance, it means he is from another planet.

Jay Cutler has recently posted a video of Dexter Jackson’s workout, where he is doing leg day exercises.

He is preparing for the 2020 Arnold Classic, and we will see him in action.

Dexter Jackson’s workout video was recently by Jay Cutler, and in this video, Dexter Jackson hooked up to a contraption.

This is an FDA approved product.

In the Dexter Jackson workout video, the contraption can be seen operated by Brad Rowe.

This device is a neuro-bio electric stimulator.

As the name of the device understands it, it works on the body tissues and nervous system.

It improves the healing and neuro-muscular re-education.

It helps to improve the performance and recovery of the muscles after the workout.

Check out The Dexter Jackson workout


In the Dexter Jackson workout video, Charles Glass is also involved in the training. Dexter Jackson’s workout was very intense, and he performed leg extensions, leg presses, reverse hack squats, and leg presses at the end again.

After the workout, Dexter Jackson was very excited about this new approach. He was happy and said that he enjoyed working with Brad Rowe and Newbie.

He has made an impressive improvement after his knee injury in 2018.

Dexter Jackson said that he does not have any knee pain, and he is very happy and satisfied with his improvement since 2018.

Another Dexter Jackson workout video was posted by Jay Cutler, where he is performing biceps curls. He has gained massive size, and his biceps are looking really great and massive.

Dexter Jackson fans are very anxious and excited to see him performing in the Arnold Classic.

We can expect nothing less than extraordinary from him.

He can outsmart his competitors because the progress he has made is insane and nothing ordinary. Everyone knows his capabilities and strengths when it comes to competitive bodybuilding.

2020 Arnold Classic is going to be a tough competition because of some big names included in the line up like Big Ramy, William Bonac, Roelly Winklaar, and many others.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that Dexter Jackson is the best ever to compete in Arnold Classic.

You can also check Dexter Jackson’s diet.

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