Boxing Challenge Eddie Hall Hafthor Bjornsson

Eddie Hall Accepts The Boxing Challenge From Hafthor Bjornsson


The debate started months back when Hall stated that he’d be a good opponent in the strongman fighting Bjornsson.

Eddie Hall Accepts The Boxing Challenge From Hafthor Bjornsson

Although Thor didn’t agree for a boxing contest after a long time, nothing is heard after his potential match.

However, when Bjornsson said that he wants to break the hall’s record, i.e., 1102lb, it wasn’t too thrilling as it wasn’t possible in a competition.

Brit came up with his opinion before the answer of Thor, stating that he was looted in 2017 when Hall won the Strongman competition.

Boxing Challenge Eddie Hall Hafthor Bjornsson

Today Bjornsson went for pulling 1105lbs to break hall’s record before the boxing competition.

Hall accepted the challenge through Instagram and said that he does not think that none can beat his record, and he wants someone to break it.

It is because you said to me cheater in 2017’s World Strongman event.

People might forget it but I can’t as you didn’t apologize for it.

Hall is signing an agreement with Core sports, the one which was offered to Bjornsson.

Bjornsson signed the agreement already.

Now Hall should be ready for another competition.

Hall told that he was overlooked, but by winning world strongman competition in 2017, he proved people wrong. Hall said that no matter if Bjornsson is 6ft. 9inches.

He will be doing things better than Thor and prepare for the event.

Hall is known for accepting challenges.

Either breaking of CrossFit record, learning of a backflip, or arm wrestling, he can do anything as he doesn’t like to stay behind.

Hall shared his quality with Bjornsson, top strongman nowadays.

In case, this boxing match takes place well keep you updated as we don’t want it to be missed.

In 2016, Hall was the first person to lift 500kg. However, Thor, practicing in the homeland’s gym before the actual show.

Bjornsson said he was offered a 7 figure contract by core sports, which he signed as it was the biggest agreement.

Hall must sign the contract as I just broke his record and will beat him in the boxing match.

Hall accepted the challenge. Hall’s said that he’d be signing the agreement as I cannot bear it.

Because I want you to learn a lesson and that is to beat you in the competition.

No matter if you are a huge man. I’ll be getting training to step inside the ring and beat your record.

Thor carried the lift, was sanctioned by the referee Magnusson, the strongman winner.

After twin lifts around 460 kgs, he lifted 501 kg, a kg higher than Hall.

Clearing the heaviness, it weighs more than the polar bear.

Making a speech, he said I’m contented and blessed.

Everything was great.

After this, Thor is also a strongman champion with records of Arnold’s classics and Europe strongman record.

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