Can Thor Bjornsson Do The 501kg Deadlift? Eddie Hall Weighs In 1

Can Thor Bjornsson Do The 501kg Deadlift? Eddie Hall Weighs In


Eddie Hall has explained about what he thinks of Thor Bjornsson about whether he can hit 501kg deadlift.

Eddie and Thor have been competing with each other, and Hall doesn’t see eye to eye with Thor.

We can find a cold war between them.

eddie hall bjornsson deadlift

However, as for the 501kg Deadlift is concerned, Eddie is still confused about it, like whether Thor can do it or not.

Eddie Hall holds the title of the heaviest deadlift of all time, sitting at 500kg.

But it seems that it is going to change as Thor is all ready to set a new record with his own 501kg pull.

It may find some excitement while some unhappy, including Eddie Hall himself.

However, apart from lifting, one of the biggest questions that come in mind is whether or not Thor can hit that lift.

In the recent question and answer session with Brain Shaw, this crucial question has been asked to Eddie Hall.

Not only this question, but he was also asked what will be the consequences if Thor will fail to hit that lift after the lift attempt has caused all of this drama.

Shaw was very quick about it and said it is not a predictable conclusion that Thor will reach 501kg successfully.

But at that moment, he couldn’t say anything about Thor’s great capabilities. He did ask what Eddie thought of his attempt.

By watching the video, it seems that Eddie was not yet decided to answer this question.

The Eddie Hall gave a very cold reply by saying: it would mean nothing if he will fail the lift.

This will only destroy his personality and nothing else.

But still, we shouldn’t give any opinion until the results are out.

However, the whole world can watch it on ESPN.

So, Will Thor Bjornsson Pull 501kg Deadlift?


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