Eddie Hall Coaches Andrea Thompson

Eddie Hall Coaches Britain’s Strongest Woman Andrea Thompson For 2020 Arnold Classic


Here Strongman is offering his superb and well-tested training tips and advice for the upcoming big event.

Strongest Man— Eddie and 2018 world’s strongest women Andrea Thompson has recently linked up to discuss some amazing training tips that would benefit later in the event.

Eddie Hall Coaches Andrea Thompson

As we know, Andrea Thompson is one of the strongest women in the world and ended up 5th at the 2020 Arnold Pro Strongwoman competition.

Moreover, she has also broken women’s Elephant bar deadlift world record by pulling huge 621lbs at the Pro Strongwoman event.

And when it comes to great performance, then who can help better than Eddie Hall!

Of course, he holds the all-time deadlift world record and known for his amazing physique.

So before hanging up, Thompson talked a bit about her progress and current exercise regime before she goes into the workout.

Yoke And Farmer’s Walk

Hall discussed yoke and farmer’s walk.

He said where you are going to lose or win; this is a fantastic transition from throwing that yoke down to picking the farmers up.

After that, Hall gave his super ultra-advice to her to make sure she gets the starting position right.

He further advised us to keep the weight close and keep yourself narrow as much as possible.

But he stressed more on the transition from the yoke into the farmer’s walk.

So after the complete discussion, Thompson made her first gym with the yoke, then she took a break before completing the farmer’s walk without delay.

She did in 14 seconds, which was not bad at all, but the time she took can cost her a little high, so need to work on it.

Tire Flip

Then Hall discussed the tire flip.

He stressed on the importance of tire flip for having a perfect grip. Then he advised jumping over the tire rather than running around it.

Dumbbell Press

Hall first discussed the rules of dumbbells press, and then Thompson went straight into the deadlift.

Before dumbbells press, Thompson predicted that she could do more than 5 reps with a 63kg dumbbells. However, Hall advised her to go for 7.

But for the event, there need 10 reps.

Hall then discussed more techniques for the best performance. She managed to get 10 reps in 43 secs.


They started with the Elephant Bar, and as mentioned earlier, she has beaten everyone in this event with 621lbs, which was a great record.

Andrea Thompson said she has a number in her head, which she is undoubtedly aiming for, which was 280kg/617lbs.

Atlas Stone Over The Yoke

Hall further added that there are various other techniques that we can use for other competitors, and surely these will make a big difference.

He advised her to throw the stone off-center, so it perfectly rolls around.

Undoubtedly, Eddie Hall has provided great advice to her, and if she will follow them with great attention, then surely she would make a big difference in the competition.

Eddie Hall Coaches Andrea Thompson For 2020 Arnold Classic

Worlds Strongest Man coaches Britain's Strongest Women! Ft Andrea Thompson

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