Eddie Hall And Gorgeous Powerlifter Stefi Cohen

Eddie Hall And Gorgeous Powerlifter Stefi Cohen Train Shoulders Before Arnold Classic


One and only Eddie is all ready to set a new record. He mostly has seen featuring different guests on his YouTube channel.

Some related to his training while others from their respective discipline.

Eddie Hall And Gorgeous Powerlifter Stefi Cohen

What is interesting, Eddie Hall recently broke a CrossFit World Record and is now making himself ready to take on an arm-wrestling champion.

But last week, the 2017 World’s Strongest Man Champion.

Eddie Met With The Most Powerful Powerlifter— Stefi For a Shoulder Session.

She is not a simple lady, Dr. Cohen holds 25 powerlifting records, in which she made 3 last month, and is a powerful beast with 698.11 Wilks score.

Surely, this makes her one of the tops and the best powerlifting ladies in the world.

But the worth seeing moment is when two strength athletes trained at a gym in Columbus, Ohio, during the Arnold Classic weakened.

Eddie explained that fans were not allowed to get entry to attend the EXPO, which is indeed unfortunate.

But the good news shows went well. Eddie first said great words about Stefi, and then got straight into his powerful workout.

However, in between, he was asked about his various achievements where Eddie explained few records, like an all-time deadlift record and new Isabel CrossFit record.

To finish their workout, they did the Cuban press together, followed by a dumbbell front raises, using plates, dumbbell presses, and various other rounds.

However, it made the session awesome, and it was exhausted as it looked extremely intense.

Hall praised Stefi for being strong, and she was able to hang in and was able to do rep more than him.

It is great to see such powerful people helping out each other, and the way they praised each other was awesome.

Strongman VS Powerlifter Ft Stefi Cohen

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