Eddie Hall Stoltman Brothers

Eddie Hall Is Training With The Stoltman Brothers Ahead Of Britain’s Strongest Man


This time the two brave fighters, The Stoltman Brothers are excitedly preparing to vie at the exciting upcoming event— Britain’s Strongest Man Contest.

Eddie Hall Stoltman Brothers

Well, the more exciting news is they are training with the well-known hulk of all time— Eddie Hall.

Yes, you have heard it right.

Why Eddie Hall is Training With The Stoltman Brothers

He is the five-time winner of this contest, so yes with his lots of experience Eddie Hall Stoltman can enjoy a great training session.

Eddie Hall has lots of experience competing at various other strongman competitions.

Yes, he has a long list of achievements, whether it’s about World’s Strongest Man in 2017 or Titles of Britain’s Strongest Man, UK’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man, he is an all-rounder.

No one can beat him in what he is good at.

By keeping all these accomplishments in mind, Scotland’s Stoltman Brothers looked at mazing Eddie Hall for guidance, as they are going to compete in upcoming Britain’s Strongest Man.

Let’s be honest these two strong powers have their own big achievements, even Luke has won Scotland’s Strongest Man title for 3 years in a row.

But he lost that title on his lovely younger brother, Tom, in 2016. These are more like a strong pair, ready to compete with anyone.

However, both these brothers have decided to work with Eddie Hall to prepare for the upcoming contest.

You can find the training video which is uploaded to Eddie’s YouTube Channel.

You can see the amazing trio of these strongmen doing some really thrilling heavy lifting in the gym, getting ready for the upcoming event.

You, Will, Find the Collaboration of These Three in the Video


In the video, you will see how Hall Stoltman brothers are working out throughout the gym.

Firstly, they perfectly hit some squats, and before moving to the fantastic leg press, then, of course, performed strongman specific exercises.

This is not it, but Eddie also offered a useful pair of some advice on moves and exercises just to confirm that they are ready to compete for the competition.

Also, Eddie Hall also explained how the recovery is important after a face-off and the importance of diet.

So, I think if you keep everything firing within fourteen days of the contest, you’re not killing yourself, but you’re keeping everything firing.

You keep your muscle mass there, you keep your fast-twitch muscle fibers firing.

Moreover, he was also telling the two strong men to train at the super high speed, while lifting at about 80% weight.

It seems that the two brothers really have got some unique tips and advice during this session.

It is going to be super-exciting to see these two brothers competing this Saturday, January, 18th.

It would be interesting to see this competition this year, we are super-excited, are you?

Tell us in the comment box what do you think of this trio collaboration.

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