eddie hall thor bjornsson deadlift

Eddie Hall Says He Won’t Count Thor Bjornsson Deadlift Challenge As an Official Record


The Mountain has responded to the Eddie Hall’s contentious remarks.

Although the entire world is fighting with the current spread— Coronavirus and everyone is living the quarantine time in their homes.

During these crucial times, the Beast and Mountain still find a great way to compete with each other.

The issue has been raised during the live Q&A session.

Deadlift Challenge!

Live Q&A During lockdown ft Eddie Hall

During the session, Eddie has been asked a question about Thor’s upcoming 501kg attempt in the house gym.

Eddie being a super-strong man of strong opinions with the deadlift topic word record being dear to him, had very fewer words to say about the competition.

However, he said, ‘no official competition, so no care.’ Eddie doesn’t trust Thor, not does the crew, and so he is dubious about the whole trial.

So at this point, Thor’s team Runar struck in and then exchanged very fewer words with Eddie.

However, Eddie replied to Runar in a story, and then this was the point from where everything went off the rails, and it doesn’t take long for Hafthor to put forward his opinion.

eddie hall thor bjornsson deadlift

He said he won his 2017 WSM title, and really thanks to some of the great elements which suit Eddie the most.

We can say that the whole ordeal is totally pointless.

Although both strong men have super valid statements and the right thing would be to agree or maybe disagree, and wish each other luck, and just separate their ways.

Thor has been cresting his great strength for a particular goal, and so for the particular event, but due to the sudden spread of the epidemic, everything got postponed.

eddie hall thor bjornsson deadlift

So at the moment, he was left with only 2 options, one is to either stop his specific training and eating diet and chill at home, while at the other side, attack the way in the better form.

While on the other side, Eddie is also right, and according to him, how it can be a record, if the record has been set by oneself in his own gym and by using his on equipment.

Basically, Thor was doing it from his own backyard, and so no one would be able to challenge Thor on the night’s attempt.

So a world record can never be beaten in your own backyard. It was needed to be contested in a neutral footing.

Personally, I am inclined more towards Thor in his pointless squabbling because Hall is disgorging semantics.

He is perfectly right, as he’s arguments stand, but yes, only it’s ego.

However, I’m confident that Eddie could manage to put his ego aside, and would be able to understand that Thor is really in a challenging spot.

He is the strong man on this planet and so looking to cement his achievements history.

He has got a very ambitious goal, which requires a superb approach to training and life.

However, whatever the argument was, let them wish a good luck!

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