Eddie Hall Tips deadlift

3 Best Eddie Hall Tips For A Better Deadlift


Nowadays, Eddie hall is one with a deadlift record, which he got in 2016 for lifting 1102 lbs.

The subsequent year he won the world’s strongest man title.

If you want advice regarding deadlift, Hall can be a great option.

Hall is well-known for accepting challenges and also gives good lifting advice.

In a video, he gave three tips for elevating the lifting performance to twenty percent.

We know that it is beneficial for lifters even if they are master at it.

He stated that many individuals take it easy as, according to them, it is just lifting.

However, it is partially true as lifting has more technicalities than other exercises.

If the start is inaccurate, then the lift will ruin.

Eddie Hall Tips deadlift

Foot’s Position:

Hall stated that he prefers to place feet according to the width of his shoulders.

He had numerous people whom he was addressing to maintain the body.

For example, he showed how positioning helps in sticking to ground more firmly than in narrow form.

He gave examples through original feet.

Feet should be kept straight; they should not be twisted. Through this balance can be maintained easily.


According to Hall, if the bar is gripped from thin points, then it will be difficult. It is not good to lift the narrow weight.

A wide grip gives a better shoulder retracting that is vital in lifting.

It uses the body’s back, so it is much sensible.

Subsequent reason for avoiding narrow grip is that you don’t have to fight the armpit or the chest area muscle.

Hall said that the application of Vaseline reduces the pulling friction; it helps him in maintaining a firm posture during the lift.

Hall then showed how to grip width can make a big difference for the deadlift.

Bar Keeping Position:

The bar must be in a single position, near the body.

Hall said that if the first rep is not easy than the subsequent, then there is a problem with posture. He said people usually lift the bar near toes that is far from the body.

These results in backaches, the involvement of glute, and fewer quads.

Most think to lift as a bench pressing.

Coming off that point, you are creating difficulties for yourself.

He recommends placing the bar on top of the middle foot, a perfect position for a bar.

In this way, you can lift more weight without losing energy.

Maintaining trust in the process is key, said hall.

He gave an example of how to maintain an ideal form.

By keeping bar upon the middle foot will make it feel close. But, you have to maintain trust in the bar and positioning of the body.

The shoulders can’t be very far.

A volunteer closed the eyes and acted as they were leg pressing. She had a shoulder back movement in a preferable form. Hall said leg press is lifting.

These are things required for the position of shoulders.

Moreover, he said, by working on these grounds of lifting a 20% increment is possible in a month.

Hall gave the best tips that can be used by anyone for good lifting.

Eddie Hall Tips For A Better Deadlift


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