Eddie Hall’s Arm Wrestling Secret

Eddie Hall’s Arm Wrestling Secret With Neil Pickup


Eddie Hall has a great dream to become the strongest man in the world, and his dream came true with his continuous efforts.

He is a dominating personality in arm wrestling.

He is very conscious of his body and fitness.

He used to spend his days in training and spend one full day with Neil Pickup last month.

Hall said in his interview that he has gone through very tough times in his childhood.

When he was only 13 years old, he was suffering from the great depression and used to visit a psychiatrist.

Eddie Hall’s Arm Wrestling Secret

He got motivation from Arnold Schwarzenegger, hanged his poster on the wall of his bedroom, and decided to become the strongest person in the world.

He joined a gym and started doing hard work to achieve his goals.

He started lifting weight, which helped him to fight with depression and anxiety.

This is how he got rid of depression and come back to normal life.

He has an obsession with weight lifting and participated in a strongman contest when he was only 19 years old.

He shared his post on Facebook and let everyone know that he is going to be the strongest man in the world.

He has shared a video on his youtube channel and told me that he is lucky enough to meet some exciting personalities.

I addition to this, he said that he has broken the world record and become famous in millions of people.

He loves meeting with new people, entertaining his fans, and spending time with family.

He is a source of motivation for many people.

His story is helpful for many people to achieve their goals.

Last week, he shared a chest video on his Youtube channel with a well know Canadian arm wrestler Devon Larratt who is a champion in left and right-handed categories.

In that video, Larratt lifted 110 kill grams, and he told, he managed to push 365 hardly in his early years.

He was the weak guy in his crowd, hard work and constant effort enabled him to lift this much weight.

It conveys a great message that nothing is impossible if you are determined.

Hall said he only wanted to show the right method of Devon.

Moreover, he is powerful in the elbow and wrist.

Is doesn’t mean I cannot bench; it was just to show you Devon can put me down easily in this position.

Their next round was dumbbell presses where they come into a cable crossover position, and the Larratt was able to teach the right techniques.

He is self-motivated, and his only goal was to become the strongest man in the world.

He told in his interview, he got worst injuries when he was 20 years old, but nothing let him go away from his life goals.

As we all know, this is the most difficult time, but if you are ambitious, you will continue making efforts and will not let this lockdown break your workout routine.

This is the best time to work on your mind and body.

The Arm Wrestling Secret With Eddie Hall And Neil Pickup

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