Ethan Suplee workout routine

Ethan Suplee Shows His Workout Routine


If you watch any movie that has Ethan Suplee in its cast, you’ll immediately recognize him in the movie.

You can easily have a hard time recognizing him if you watch any recent movie.

Ethan Suplee workout routine

He has transformed completely.

Ethan Suplee is a guy who was always an obese person but not anymore.

From being obese to a fit and jacked body, Ethan Suplee transformation is crazy.

Now, everyone wants to know Ethan Suplee’s workout routine.

It is important to mention that Ethan Suplee was 530lbs, and now he weighs at 260lbs.

Ethan Suplee has posted a video recently where he showed his chest workout routine.

Ethan Suplee told in the video that he had shredded lots of pounds, and now he’s trying to strengthen his muscles while losing weight.

Ethen Suplee’s workout routine starts with power plat push upholds.

This helps to circulate oxygenated blood into the muscles to boost muscle activity in them.

Here Is Ethan Suplee’s workout routine!

Ethan Suplee on Losing 250 Pounds and Getting Jacked | Train Like A Celebrity | Men's Health

After doing this, the breakdown of Ethan Suplee workout routine goes like this;

  • DB Incline fly (50lbs), 3 sets with 10 repetitions superset with DB incline press
  • Sitting Chest press with an underhand grip, 3 sets with 10 repetitions
  • Cable scoops, 3 sets with 10 repetitions
  • DB Pullover, 3 sets with 10 repetitions superset with DB French 3 repetitions with 8 repetitions
  • DB Skullcrushers withhold, 8 repetitions + 5 reps + 3 repetitions + 1 repetitions

During his transformation journey, Ethan Suplee met a girl and fell in love with her.

This is what made him realize the need to get on a healthy side.

Ethan Suplee said that he felt this is the only way he can spend a long & healthy life with him.

Ethan Suplee’s workout routine is nothing difficult to follow if you’re willing to transform your body.

The workout routine doesn’t include any fancy workouts that could beat the hell out of you.

The workout is just a hypertrophy routine.

This workout routine is just a part of men’s fitness.

Maybe he can add barbell exercises to his workout routine.

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During his transformation journey, he altered the way he used to deal with the food.

Now, his dieting plan is strictly balanced and healthy.

From macros to calories, everything is calculated in his diet plan.

Ethan Suplee’s workout routine is 2 hours of workout 6 days a week.

He prepares his food by himself.

Ethan Suplee's Incredible Weight Loss

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