Flex Wheeler interview

Flex Wheeler Regrets Not Backing up Joe Weider’s Vision To Bring Bodybuilding In The Olympics


Flex Wheeler interview was carried out sometime before.

Flex Wheeler was a famous bodybuilder of his times. Similar to other great bodybuilders, he is not stunned or amazed by the performance of the bodybuilders in present times.

Flex Wheeler interview

Flex wheeler had been a center of attraction for three decades in the field of bodybuilding.

During his career as a bodybuilder, he has won many positions as a runner up in Olympia as well as he had been a champion at the Arnold Classic competition.

All because of his achievements, he is recognized as a respectful citizen.

A YouTube channel Valuetainment conducted Flex Wheeler’s Interview.

In the interview, he gave his statement about his body nowadays.

Like other athletes, he was also asked about the difference in the bodybuilders back then and today.

He was made to see the pictures of some athletes he gave some criticizing remarks yet stayed respectful.

Afterward, when he was told about how other people handled the questions, his only remark was that he wanted to deal with these sorts of questions in a diverse manner.

Wheeler stated that there is no major issue for being impolite to them, but they also deserve honor and respect.

While being in the interview with Patrick, he talked about several topics related to bodybuilding.

Check out the Flex Wheeler Interview:

Flex Wheeler Opens Up Post Surgery

At a point in the one on one session, they had a conversation about Olympia’s upcoming management as well as who can be a better person to attract the contestants.

Wheeler told the host how Joe lost bugs after bugs every year and also how Joe and Weider had a race in their mental strategies comparing to the situation now.

Wheeler regrets his mentality back then he used to have.

He thought that he might have made some more dollars if he had this mature kind of mentality than the immature one.

Moreover, Wheeler also sheds light on how Arnold Schwarzenegger might be a very precious thing to Weider as it has an astounding achievement in the world of sports.

Flex Wheeler interview

Flex wheeler added to the conversation by telling his efforts made for the games in recent years, but unfortunately, nobody else was seen as supporting him in the movement.

However, under the president of IFBB, the one who was selected in the year 2006, the company already had the contestants for 2019 games and also in 2020 audience would be seeing many unprofessional athletes and players in many events conducted under the Olympic Games.

Looking forward to Mr. President of IFBB, he is working fantastically as bringing the games to the Olympic competition this move can be a very cherishing one for the athletes and the fans of the bodybuilding.

Flex wheeler interview ended in a great way as in the end he paid tribute to Curry and Jackson as they achieved the titles that he could not.

Flex Wheeler justified this tribute with the statement that these two men won the Olympia that he could never do so they are righteous and deserves respect.

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