Eddie Hall Shares 500kg Deadlift

Eddie Hall Shares 500kg Deadlift Training And Aftermath Stories


Just when people thought that Eddie Hall had said goodbye to powerlifting and the whole industry, he took things to the next level.

Eddie Hall Shares 500kg Deadlift

It was just a farewell to pro Strongman competition and not to the entire powerlifting world.

He’s doing some movie work and making a sequel of his documentary.

Apart from that, he’s creating content for his website and videos for his YouTube channel.

He just reached 500K subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he shared a backstage video of the time when he became the 1st person ever to achieve a 500kg deadlift.

Up until now, it was an unseen footage Eddie Hall 500kg that he has released recently.

Eddie Hall Shares 500kg Deadlift Aftermath story!

500kg / 1102lbs Deadlift UNSEEN FOOTAGE! 500k Subs Special

You all must have heard the great 500kg deadlift story of Eddie Hall, but let’s recall the story.

Eddie Hall pulled off 463kg in 2015, and it was a record-breaking performance.

He did it with so much ease that no one else could do. Unseen footage Eddie Hall 500kg can be seen on his channel.

500kg is considered an impossible milestone in the powerlifting community, but Eddie Hall decided to achieve this great goal.

After setting a world record of 463kg, he bet the Giant Live promotes that he’ll lift 500kg.

When he made this statement, at that time, it was considered an impossible task.

It was like anyone could bet against you because they think it is impossible to lift 500kg, and they’ll win the bet easily.

Footage Eddie Hall 500kg is viral on the Internet.

Even though Eddie Hall was labeled as the worlds’ strongest man because he has many records to his name, still people were calling it impossible.

Eddie Hall was trying hard, but he was only able to lift 455kg in training.

When he tried 485kg, he wasn’t able to lift above his knees. People thought he’ll step back from his bet.

Eddie Hall somehow figured out that the barrier between 500kg isn’t physical strength but mental strength. He attended a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist.

He learned about the psychological term “hysterical strength” and started working on it.

Using this concept, he was able to create some scenarios in his mind that would trigger his body and mind to use his 100% of muscle tissues.

As a result, he was able to gain hysterical strength.

Though he managed to lift 500kg and became the first and only man to break the 500kg barrier, the aftermath of 500kg has posed lethal health complications on Eddie Hall.

It can be seen in the video when he lifted 500kg – his eyes color changed, and blood came out from his nose.

He told me that he’s no suffering from head trauma and partial blindness.

Also, you can check Eddie Hall Coaching Andrea Thompson.

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