Gauntlet hafthor eddie hall

Finally, A Gauntlet Announced Between Hafthor And Eddie Hall


Being the strongest individuals on Earth there will be a sanctioned match between them categorized as a heavyweight.

However, Bjornsson was excited about the competition, as it would be the world’s first weight dividing event.

In an interview after lifting 501 kg, Bjornsson didn’t mix the words about the next stage of career.

He said that Core sports offered a 7-figure agreement, Hall also got the same agreement.

Now he is eager to beat Hall the same has he broke his record.

Through his statement, it can be noticed that the organizers and Bjornsson have decided the match between the strongman winners.

Gauntlet hafthor eddie hall

After all this, Bjornsson told Hall that he should sign the agreement as he is eager for beating him.

Both the opponents have been throwing statements until Bjornsson broke Hall’s record of 500 kg made in 2016.

A Gauntlet Announced Between Hafthor And Eddie Hall

Although Hall’s showed gratitude for his opponent and said he wanted someone to break his record. He won’t identify the new record until it was a healthy competition.

The statement by Hall might be taken wrongly by Bjornsson who wanted to settle the clash through a match in the ring.

It is a habit of proving doubtful people wrong.

Hall accepted Bjornson’s challenge.

Hall stated, that he accepts the challenge by Bjornsson as he said to him cheater in 2017.

Bjornsson marked a history of 501kg which broke the record of 500kg by Hall’s.

After Arnold’s classic record he had some words to say.

I am contended for what I got a chance to do this even at this time when the world is going through shit.

Bjornsson said he was looted in 2017’s strongman event that Hall won.

This started revolt between both.

After that Hall was questioned that if Bjornsson could complete the lifting and he thought that it was possible but wanted it to be an unsuccessful lifting.

In an interview by fitness volt, Bjornsson said, according to him Hall doesn’t want him breaking his record.

Hall had achieved many with 2017’s strongman title and a world record in 2016.

Hall wasn’t alone who thought the record is not worth counting as a fellow competitor of strongman Oberst and Savakis also commented on the situation.

Oberst also made a mock video by breaking the lifting of the world with his dog as a referee.

However, when the world’s strongman Shaw too weighed.

As he was against Bjornsson practicing lifting at his gym.

He said that it is different to lift in front of a crowd and a garage.

He explained that how worst it is and quoted some examples for differentiating a winner.

Despite all of the suggestions Bjornsson moved forward and did lifting which was successful also there are no doubts that he can attempt in the event.

And can also improve points according to him he can lift 520kg.

Full Live Stream | Hafthor Bjornsson 501KG Deadlift Attempt

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