Is Helmut Strebl On Steroids?

Last edited: April 12, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

For many guys, simply being able to see your ABS is considered a huge accomplishment.

Especially when you consider how hard it is to get visible ABS and lose body fat in general.

For some people, however, simply being able to barely see your ABS is not enough.

Some are on a quest to get absolutely ripped to shreds.

And this is where you hear people talking about Helmut Strebl.

To say that Helmut Strebl was ripped would be unfair to him.

As he goes above and beyond what people expect of being ripped.

Helmut is in his own entire league, and we’ll look at what we mean by this in just a few moments.

Before we do that, however, as the aim of this article is to look at is Helmut Strebl on steroids or not.

We need to talk about steroids.

Steroids come in all kinds of different varieties.

Which is why so many different levels of athlete and bodybuilder happen to use them.

If you’re into strongman and Powerlifting.

There are steroids that build muscle mass and help increase muscle strength and power.

If you are into CrossFit, there are steroids that improve athletic performance and help keep you lean and ripped.

If you are a bodybuilder, there are steroids for bulking.

And in this instance, there are steroids for cutting.

Helmut is ripped to shreds, which is why so many people question whether or not he is in gear or not.

For the purpose of answering the question of being Helmut Strebl on steroids or not.

We will now learn more about his amazing physique.

A little about his back-story, and of course.

We’ll look at whether we think his amazing physique is natural or chemically-enhanced.

Don’t worry, we’ll look at Helmut in just a few moments.

But first, we need to get the legal stuff out of the way.

The contents of this article are based purely on speculation on our part.

We have no proof that Helmut has ever used steroids.

And we never will know for certain unless he admits to using them.

We do, however, know what to look for in steroid users.

Which is why we are going to be analyzing Helmut’s physique and competition history.

In a bid to determine whether we THINK he could be on steroids.

Or if he may have used them in the past.

Who Is Helmut Strebl?

If the name of Helmut Strebl doesn’t ring a bell.

Chances are you will have seen his amazing physique while browsing Facebook or Instagram.

Yes, Helmut has gone viral countless times on social media, because of his amazingly shredded physique.

Helmut is 50 years of age and is an Austrian bodybuilder with one of the most insane physiques on the planet.

He is absolutely shredded.

And when we say shredded, we mean shredded.

He is a guy that makes Andreas Muntzer look average.

Andreas was previously considered to most ripped bodybuilders to ever live.

But that was until Helmut came along.

Helmut is like a real-life anatomy chart.

You know, like the ones you see in Hospitals and labs.

He has reportedly gotten as low as 2% body fat in the past.

And generally, it’s rare that he’ll go much higher than 5%, even when he is bulking.

To put this into context, ripped bodybuilders generally compete at 4% body fat.

And they virtually kill themselves in the process, as getting this low in body fat is very dangerous.

Helmut however, typically sits at 2% or 3% body fat.

He has become the European pro bodybuilder.

And the World Miami Pro Champion bodybuilder 5 times in 6 years running.

He works as a personal trainer, a social media sensation, a fitness ambassador, and a motivational speaker.

He has defied logic as, as he has grown older.

He just seems to have gotten better and better.

They say that men age like a fine wine, and with Helmut.

That saying rings truer than ever.

He’s even appeared in a music video for Madonna, who, incidentally, is another person that looks amazing for her age.

Who knows, maybe Helmut shared his secret with her while they were filming?

He stands at 6ft 3, and he weighs around 205 pounds when competing, and 215 when bulking.

We use the term ‘bulking’ very loosely because there are many pro bodybuilders that have competed on stage at higher body fat percentages than Helmut when he is bulking.

So that shows how ripped he is.

This, however, is part of the reason why we’re here to answer the question of is Helmut Strebl on steroids.

Because of his age, and because he looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Many internet trolls, and fitness experts for that matter.

Has accused him of using steroids to achieve his freakish, yet impressive physique.

Early Life, Diet, And Training

Born in Austria, Helmut was active from a very young age.

As a kid, he showed a keen interest in the sport.

But as he was so scrawny.

He would often get picked on by bigger kids.

Helmut, therefore, started to train at a very young age.

He began training aged just 12, to try to get bigger so as to stand up to the bullies picking on him at school.

Helmut was always singled out because he was the smallest.

He noticed that his buddy, who was much bigger than him, they left alone.

He got bigger and stronger and got his confidence.

And the bullies did indeed leave him alone.

Helmut however, found that lifting weights should not only be for looking intimidating.

He instead wanted to look good and feel good and by 16 he now owned many pieces of gym kit which he had made himself along with some weights.

And he was in pretty good shape.

As he grew older, he found that he loved training and took it very seriously, along with his diet.

He began to burn fat while packing muscle mass onto his frame.

His diet is strict, and when we say strict, we mean super-strict.

Helmut eats egg whites, white fish, chicken, white rice, vegetables, turkey, and black coffee, along with whey protein shakes.

He gets most of his calories from healthy carbs.

With fats coming from egg yolks and a touch of grass-fed butter on his bagels or whole-grain toast.

As far as his training goes, he performs low-intensity cardio several times per week, and trains 6 days per week, taking only Saturdays off.

He also hits his legs twice per week, other than his calves.

Which he trains 3 times per week, as they are the most stubborn part of his anatomy.

Is Helmut Strebl On Steroids?Is Helmut Strebl On Steroids?

Right, well, we’ve established that Helmut is indeed ripped to the bone and that he trains like a beast, eats super-clean.

And is very committed to his craft, despite being half a century old.

But, is his amazing condition due to genetics and hard work.

Or has he used steroids to help get him into such amazing shape?

Let’s try to find out, shall we?

Here are some pieces of evidence both for, and against, potential steroid use on Helmut’s part:

Erm, hello! He’s shredded!

Okay, okay, we know we keep saying he’s ripped, but honestly.

Just look at the pictures because words can’t do his conditioning justice.

Helmut not only manages to drop to as low as 2% body fat.

But he actually maintains his freakish conditioning, even when he isn’t dieting down.

To simply drop to single-digit body fat percentages are hard enough.

But to stay there constantly is even harder still.

What’s more remarkable is the fact that when he is bulking.

He still probably doesn’t go above 6% body fat.

For many people, there is just no way anybody could do that naturally.

This is why people accuse him of using steroids such as Winstrol or Clenbuterol.

As these are powerful fat-burning steroids that help to preserve and maintain lean muscle mass.

He Claims To Be a Natural

We understand that anybody can claim to be natural.

In fact, they could claim to be from another planet, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Most bodybuilders, however, simply keep their mouths shut when it comes to anabolic steroids.

And they hope that people won’t ask them directly if they are using it.

If they are asked, they’ll usually just laugh awkwardly, deny it, and then change the subject.

You can understand why they deny it.

Using steroids will not set a good example for others.

And they may lose potential clients and sponsorship deals as a result.

Helmut however, claims on his official website that he is a lifelong NATURAL bodybuilder and that he has never used steroids or any other banned or illegal substances.

This is quite a bold claim for somebody to make if they are actually on steroids.

So perhaps he is genuinely a genetic freak.

Is Helmut Strebl On Steroids?

He's Not THAT Big

Helmut is 6ft 3, so he’s very tall.

When you consider the fact that he only weighs around 205 – 215 pounds.

However, you can see that, on paper, he’s not that big at all.

It’s obvious that he isn’t on the same types of steroids as mass monster bodybuilders like Phil Heath MAY being on if indeed he is on any steroids at all.

When people are ripped and defined, this can make them look bigger than they actually are.

Which is why Helmut looks so impressive on stage and in photos.

If he was to let him go and move up to, say, 20% body fat.

He’d look like an average guy in decent shape.

That goes to the gym when he feels like it and tries to stay in good shape.

He wouldn’t look astonishing like he does now, that’s for sure.

So, his condition gives him the illusion of being bigger than he is.

So perhaps he is natty after all?

He Has Been Drug Tested

Okay, yes, it would appear that the fact that Helmut was drug tested.

It should be enough to prove that he is, in fact, a natural bodybuilder, but just wait.

You see, Helmut competed as a MuscleMania athlete and in the Miami Pro organizations.

Which both perform drug tests.

However, their drug testing policy is not random.

Musclemania’s policy, for example, is a bit of a shambles if we’re being honest.

Yes, they do test their athletes.

But they test them after a contest, and athletes know this in advance.

The fact that bodybuilders know when they are going to be tested means that.

In theory, they could use steroids before a contest.

And end their cycle in enough time so that the steroids are out of their systems.

Helmut has therefore almost certainly passed a drug test.

And several more, but that doesn’t prove he is a natural.

It also, however, doesn’t prove that he is on steroids or ever used steroids either.

No signs of steroid use

Some steroid users can spot a mile away.

They will be huge, bloated, spotty, their nipples will be puffy.

They’ll have boulder shoulders, and they may even have HGH guts that make them look pregnant.

Helmut doesn’t have any of that.

So, is Helmut Strebl On Steroids?

The verdict is in, and we believe that Helmut Strebl is in fact – natural.

Yes, he is absolutely shredded.

And we wouldn’t be shocked if he had used fat-burning supplements.

But with the right exercise regime, diet, and determination.

It is possible to get that shredded naturally and to stay that shredded naturally.

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About the Author

Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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