Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids For Wolverine

Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids For Wolverine


Everybody has their own favorite superhero.

Some prefer their superheroes to be uber-good.

Such as Superman or Captain America.

Others, however, prefer more of a badass antihero such as Frank Castle’s Punisher, Blade, or Logan AKA Wolverine.

Today we’re going to be looking at Wolverine as we attempt to address the slightly tricky topic of Hugh Jackman steroids.

Wolverine is a troubled superhero, or rather, anti-hero, that smokes, drinks heavily.

And is just generally a super badass.

Now, initially, when it was announced that Hugh Jackman would play the character of Wolverine for the very first time, surprise, surprise, the online community did nothing but whine and complain.

They blabbed on about how Hugh Jackman was too small to play Wolverine and how he didn’t look tough enough or have a badass aura about him.

Jackman, however, quickly silenced his critics when the first movie was released as he absolutely played the role of Logan like a true boss.

As the years went by and he transitioned into the character more and more.

His performances got even better, and so did his physique.

This led to a number of Hugh Jackman steroids allegations.

But did the Aussie mega-star really use roids to transform his body.

Or was it nothing but hard work?

Let’s try to find out.

A legal disclaimer

Before we proceed any further it’s important that we get the boring legal stuff out of the way.

The content of this article is based purely on speculation.

As we have no idea for certain whether Hugh did or did not use anabolic steroids or prohormones to get in shape to play Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and we’re fairly sure he can afford a much better lawyer than us.

Which is why we’re trying to stay on his good side.

We are in no way, shape, or form, associated with Hugh Jackman and we certainly don’t know for certain whether he has ever used the gear.

We do know the tell-tale signs of potential steroid use.

However, so we will be attempting to use this to draw our own conclusions regarding the Hugh Jackman steroids allegations.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way.

Let’s look at whether Hugh Jackman may have ever used steroids.

Who is Hugh Jackman?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last two decades or so, let’s remind you who Hugh Jackman is.

Hugh Jackman is a Hollywood megastar and is one of the most successful and talented actors in the business right now.

He has done it all, going from big and ripped to play Wolverine.

To playing a malnourished and severely underweight singer in Les Miserables.

Jackman has played a wide variety of roles over the years and has proved that he is one of the most versatile actors in the business.

To add insult to injury, not only is he ridiculously good looking and talented.

But it turns out that he’s an incredibly nice guy as well.

There is literally nothing wrong with him – he has no weaknesses.

Perhaps he’s played Wolverine for so long that he’s transformed into a superhero for real?

Over his illustrious career, which has spanned decades.

Hugh has picked up a wide variety of accolades and awards.

Including the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

Originating in Australia, Jackman is now a mainstay in Hollywood and is one of the highest-paid actors in the business.

He is also one of the most recognizable.

Although when he’s transitioning into a role he becomes far less recognizable because he often transforms his body.

Hugh Jackman and Wolverine

Wolverine is arguably the most popular of all the X-Men mutant superheroes and he is a character that has literally been brought to life from the comic books to the big screen, by Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine is a mutant that possesses superhuman healing powers and strength.

As well as some of the most kick-ass retractable bone claws you will ever see in your life.

He is a no-nonsense anti-hero that often kicks ass first and asks questions later.

In the comic books, Wolverine is very big and muscular.

So when news broke that there would be an X-Men movie featuring Logan, AKA Wolverine, fans began speculating on who should play him.

At the time, around 1998/1999 there weren’t too many muscular actors on the scene.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone were still active.

But they were getting a little long in the tooth, and besides.

A Wolverine with a deep Austrian accent just wouldn’t seem right.

Back then The Rock was only just establishing himself in the WWF (now WWE) so he was out of the question, so who could play the role?

Well, it turns out that a certain Mr. Hugh Jackman was cast in the role, and there was an uproar.

People complained that he looked too soft and nice to play Logan and that he didn’t have the size or strength.

When the movie came out in 2000 however, Hugh revealed a pretty decent physique.

He certainly didn’t look amazing, but he looked much better than people expected, and in a tank top he did look fairly intimidating.

Back then, however, there were no Hugh Jackman steroids allegations.

No, those came later.

The transformation

When Hugh initially played Wolverine he built a good-looking physique and certainly put some good size on there.

He looked good and believable enough, but nothing amazing.

Hugh knew that and knew that the next time he played the role.

That he wanted to take things up a notch.

In 2009, X-Men origins were released, and people were blown away.

Not by the movie.

Instead, they were blown away by how amazing Hugh looked.

Hugh looked to be a good 20 pounds heavier and was absolutely ripped to the bone.

He was shredded and looked to be around 4% body fat.

He put some impressive size on.

But it was his lean muscle mass that was the most impressive.

So, how did he manage it?

Well, in part it was thanks to The Rock.

You see, Hugh apparently contacted Dwayne Johnson and told him how he’d been so impressed when he went from playing The Tooth Fairy to the character of Luke Hobbs in fast 5.

In the Tooth Fairy, Dwayne Johnson was arguably the smallest he’d ever been.

He was a legit 220 pounds, perhaps less.

Which may sound big, but not when you’re 6ft 4.

When he played Hobbs, however, The Rock weighed in at 265 pounds and looked like an absolute monster.

Sure, his spray-on under armor tops definitely helped.

But his transformation was impressive.

Hugh wanted to do something similar so asked The Rock for some help.

Apparently, The Rock gave him heaps of advice and a training routine to follow, and Hugh went on to reveal one of the most aesthetic physiques in all of Hollywood.

This is where the Hugh Jackman steroids allegations started.

Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids For Wolverine

Did Hugh Jackman use steroids?

So, now that we know more about Hugh and Wolverine.

We now need to decide whether we think that he may have used steroids to build his incredibly impressive physique.

Here are some potential signs of steroid use on Hugh’s side:

His Transformation

First and foremost, we have to begin by looking at that amazing transformation.

When Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for the first time, he built a very good physique.

He was muscular and lean enough to look intimidating, without looking too over the top.

However, the next time he played Wolverine, people began calling him Huge Jackedman instead.

Each time he played Wolverine again.

He looked even better somehow.

If you compare pics of Hugh from 2000 to 2013’s ‘The Wolverine’ you’ll see that he hasn’t actually gained that much more size.

He looks around 8 – 10 pounds heavier maybe.

But it is his insane condition that draws most people’s attention.

He is shredded to the bone and has amazing muscle cuts and vascularity.

Now, to go from his shape in 2000 to his shape in 2013 is definitely possible natural.

But it definitely requires hard work.

He could very well have smashed his workouts and dieted down.

But he may also have had the help of a powerful cutting steroid such as Winstrol perhaps?

His skin is flushed

One tell-tale sign of steroid use is flushed skin, where the skin looks red, blotchy and flushed.

If you watch X-Men Days of Future Past, as well as The Wolverine.

You’ll see that Hugh’s skin does look red and flushed.

In the first X-Men movie back in 2000.

He looked pretty pale and flat.

Whereas more than a decade later, his skin looks incredibly red and flushed.

As if he’s just stepped out of a red-hot bath.

Now, this could be because his body fat is lower.

So the lower your body fat is the more flushed you will likely look when you work up a sweat.

Or perhaps it’s due to steroids?

Clenbuterol is a steroid that has been known to cause this flushed-looking skin and it just so happens to be a steroid that has a reputation for being used to burn fat and maintain lean muscle.

You’ll see that Hugh does appear to have burnt fat and maintained plenty of lean muscle, so maybe Clen did play a part?

He Enjoys Training

Some actors are so committed to their cause that they put themselves through hell to get into the part they’re playing, for example, Chris Evans.

If this means building muscle then they will eat plenty of food and bust their butts in the gym and will hate every minute of it.

The second they finish shooting they’ll stop working out and will go back to normal life.

Hugh however, has a passion for working out and he is obviously very interested in staying in shape and in bodybuilding in general.

If you follow his Instagram you’ll find plenty of training videos of him, including some impressive deadlifting videos.

Which he will do in his downtime to simply stay in shape.

As he is so interested in training and because he enjoys it so much.

He obviously will have stayed in decent shape between roles.

Hugh Jackman Workout for Wolverine | Muscle Madness

The les mis transformation

Back in 2012, Hugh Jackman took on a leading role in Les Miserables.

In it, he revealed one of the most malnourished physiques we’ve ever seen.

He starved himself and lost heaps of weight for the role.

A few short months later, however, he played Wolverine once again.

And once again he packed on the muscle and nailed his insane conditioning.

Now, it is widely accepted that ‘Muscle Memory’ does exist.

So by that logic, it wouldn’t take Hugh anywhere near as long to put all that muscle back on.

As it did for him to build it in the first place.

He also had the advantage of being incredibly lean, so he had no fat to burn.

Even so, however, the stark contrast in physiques with just a few months difference is very noticeable.

So, Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids For Wolverine?

We’ve now looked at the evidence and based upon what we’ve seen and read.

We believe that Hugh MAY has used mild cutting steroids such as Winstrol and/or Clenbuterol to help him build lean muscle and drop his body fat percentage so low.

His physique is certainly attainable naturally, however, so if news came out that Hugh was actually natural all along.

We wouldn’t be overly shocked either.



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