Jamal Browner 760lb Squat

Jamal Browner Scores 760lb Squat Double! New PR


Let’s find out more about Jamal Browner 760lb Squat!

Jamal Browner has been doing great since the start of 2020, and now he is back to the training and thinking of crushing all the previous records.

He is amazingly pushing himself to a whole new level.

Jamal Browner 760lb Squat

It looks like Jamal is becoming unstoppable now.

Even back in February, Jamal was crushing the World Records in the 241lb weight at the Hybrid Showdown II.

Undoubtedly, it was an awesome performance, which showed the great hard work of his in the gym. But we are talking about Jamal, who is unbeatable and unstoppable.

He recently demonstrated his great performance and showed it to Instagram.

He posted a video of hitting 760lb squat for a double.

It was not only surprising at first sight, but it was a new PR for the 25-year-old.

Jamal Browner 760lb Squat Double!

But the interesting thing is, he did all this by staying at home, rather than hitting at the gym.

You can follow Jamal on his Instagram account, and get the latest updates about his workouts.

However, there is a strangely timed edit, where it was not clearly showed that Jamal walking the weight off the present rack.

But he then starts stamping out the reps; then all went smoothly.

Although it seems he was struggling for the second rep, and it went up super slowly.

It can be observed that he was struggling a bit for that, but overall one thing is for sure, that is, Jamal is doing his best to beat the heat of fitness.

This is the best improvement from Jamal’s previous best of a 750lb double.

Although Browner did that a while ago, but still reminded us of it with a great throwback Instagram post. You can find that on his Instagram in case if you have missed it.

Jamal is all ready to hit the goal of squatting 800lb by the end of this year.

He still has enough time to go and beat the record.

He looks supercharged and is all ready to reach the goal before the end of 2020.

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