Jay From Houston

Jay From Houston, The Bodybuilder Is A Doppelganger Of Jennifer Lopez


Janice Garay is originally from Brownville, Texas and moved to Houston at the age of 6, the bodybuilding fitness enthusiast’s popularity gained momentum three years back, in 2017 after one of her photos went viral as it was featured on the Instagram’s explore page.

The striking resemblance between J-Lo and Jay from Houston caught many people’s attention and left them commenting on her pictures.

Jay From Houston

Asking Jay if she was Jennifer Lopez, to which she replied, ‘no, I’m Jay from Houston’ as reported by the local ABC affiliate.

To her, it was a regular selfie taken in a restroom but the internet could not fathom the remarkable sameness of the two.

Jay from Houston is a bodybuilder and a figure competitor, who has already taken part in the NPC (The National Physique Committee).

She has been posting multiple pics and videos of her working out at the gym and at home to encourage her followers to get fit and stay healthy as well as inspiring them to 30 days of workout challenges.

She often shares photos of her protein shakes and supplements that are used by her. She is the mother of a young girl named Amerie.

Her daughter also joins her for the gym and the mother and daughter duo do some strong workouts together.

Jay from Houston is super ripped and she does lots of lifting. It can be noted that she also performs cardio as well.

When she is killing time and not working out she has also shared some of the videos of her singing and trying out some TikTok dances as well.

Even though Jay from Houston has a body that is super ripped and extremely toned, something Jennifer Lopez couldn’t compete with.

The two still share extreme resemblance when it comes to appearance regarding facial characteristics and honey complexion.

Both seem to have a much-defined lineament and same style, adopting dark hair with some highlights, sharp and dark feisty eye makeup, and what ties it all together is the signature Jennifer Lopez big hoop earrings with loosely curled hair and sportswear and casual wear.

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I’ll be back ? ??? #Throwback2019 #TBT

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The doppelganger Jay from Houston herself has confessed to being a great admirer of Jenifer Lopez, as she told that Jenifer Lopez is someone who she has looked up to and considered to be her idol.

Jay from Houston is thrilled by the online associations and admits that it is a great feeling to be compared with someone that she looks up to.

She even expressed her wish to meet up with the icon Jennifer Lopez in person and take a picture for the internet but that has not happened yet.

Jay from Houston currently has about 248k followers on Instagram and also seems to be getting some sponsorships from health drink and energy products manufacturers like ProSupps.

Jay from Houston does not only post fitness content to boast about her fitness but she seems to inspire her followers.

Jay From Houston

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She got a different vibe to her ?

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