Jay Cutler home workout

Jay Cutler Is Not Compromising On His Fitness And Exercise In This Pandemic That Never Anyone Should Do This


COVID-19 pandemic has closed everything and people are trapped in a difficult situation where they can’t go to gyms and workout.

What bodybuilders have done in this pandemic is they have started their workout routine in their homes and anyone who wants to do is welcome on board.

Jay Cutler joined the online club and start sharing his daily workout routine with his fans hoping that people would get benefit from it.

Jay Cutler home workout

He took a step further and shared with his fans that he is going to write a guide free of cost.

I can help them in figuring out the key points and features of a workout during this quarantine time.

We all are going through pathetic and hard times and training for gym users is the one that needed most.

A lot of my fans are looking for training tips.

What I say to them don’t stop your training and neither should you do even you have to deal with weight circuits in your home.

I want to facilitate all my fans by writing a guide on workout training tips in quarantine that would be freely available, he claimed all this in one of his Instagram posts.

People who will sign up for JayMail will get this guide as well as through his email without spending a penny.

No matter, Jay Cutler and most of his fans have equipped their houses with workout equipment, what you can do, tell them how to set-up workout equipment that makes your home more than an average gym.

How Jay Cutler Home Workout Look Like

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Quarantine gainz

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Don’t think that Jay is diverging your direction but he doing some efforts not to make an excuse that you can’t go outside and even not can do this by yourself.

He is providing you the best and easiest way of working out without using much expensive gym equipment.

If you’re excusing of not having a treadmill then you can use stairs of your house or apartment and get miles in.

If your house isn’t equipped with stairs then the simplest and easiest solution is to jog a circuit training around your house or apartment if you can do.

Jay posted a video in which he lifted heavy equipment placed in his garage if your barbells are not of a size that you’re supposed to lift then try to add some lower amount of weight on both sides using a household object.

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I never had an excuse…. why start now?

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Just take precautionary measures and don’t rush yourself in setting up a setup that may harm you in one or the other way.

Try to have a workout bench like Jay Cutler is having, it’s simple and nice but not compulsory to gain similar to this.

Support your weight on any household stool or a solid object that can bear the weight during push-ups.

This is one of the best instances of workout that anyone can adopt with minimum efforts, now do you still have an excuse?

Get this opportunity and stay in touch with the most famous personality of the fitness world.

The world’s best and experienced personalities like Vikings, moors, and Strongmen all had workout without the latest equipment.

All you need encouragement, determination, and a will power to do something for yourself.

Do you have all these things, good go and fire the world!

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