Is Jeff Seid On Steroids Or Natural?

Last edited: April 11, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have the genetics of gods?

They’re good looking, they’re athletic, they’re charismatic, they’re talented.

And they often find it incredibly easy to get in shape.

There are guys out there that live in the gym 24/7 and they still look pretty average if we’re being honest.

Then there are guys that hit the gym as and when they feel like it.

And they look absolutely amazing.

But why is this?

Why is it that some men find it incredibly tough to burn fat and build muscle.

Yet others seem to be able to build muscle by simply looking at a set of dumbbells?

Well, we’d be incredibly ignorant if we ignored the fact that many of these men.

And women for that matter, are using, or have used steroids.

One athlete that is constantly in the firing line of angry fans screaming allegations of steroid abuse is Jeff Seid.

Jeff Seid is one of the most recognized names in the world of fitness, and when you see what an amazing physique he has, you’ll know exactly why that is.

But has Jeff built his incredible body through hard work and determination alone?

Or did SARMs, Prohormones or steroids play their part?

Let’s find out as we answer the question of is Jeff Seid on steroids or natural.

The Legal Disclaimer

Before proceeding any further with this article.

It’s important to note that we are in no way associated with Jeff Seid.

We’ve never met Jeff and we certainly don’t know for certain what he does and does not take to help build his physique.

Therefore, the content of this article is based purely on speculation on our part.

As we have no clear-cut way of knowing for certain whether Jeff Seid is on steroids.

Or if he has ever used steroids before.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way.

Let’s begin by learning more about who Jeff Seid really is.

About Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid competes in the men’s physique division and he recently made history when he became the youngest IFBB pro ever, aged just 25.

He is still in his very early twenties and has a very bright future ahead of him.

Interestingly enough, Jeff wasn’t always super-into bodybuilding and getting big muscles.

In high school, he was your typical high school jock.

He was good-looking, he played football.

He was into sports, and he kept himself in shape, both to look good and for his sports of choice.

Like many young boys, however, Jeff was actually very insecure and to help build his confidence.

His parents gave him a book based upon building muscle, along with a weightlifting belt to help keep him safe when he trained.

He openly admits the fact that he would primarily work out in order to look more attractive to the opposite sex.

He showed a keen interest in wrestling and football in school.

But sadly, as he was playing football.

He blew out his knee and suffered a very serious knee injury.

There had been rumblings about a potential wrestling or football scholarship in Jeff’s future.

But sadly, that one injury brought all these dreams to a screeching halt.

He blew out his ACL and was forced to have knee ligament surgery.

Which kept him sidelined for months.

During this time, he couldn’t run, he couldn’t train, and for a while.

He couldn’t even walk.

It sucked!

And Jeff knew it sucked, and he suffered from a spell of depression.

The doctors assigned him a physical therapist to help him with his rehab and during his rehab.

He was forced to do a lot of strength and conditioning work.

His body began responding favorably to the weights he was lifting and he began showing an interest in weight training.

His rehab helped him to transition over to bodybuilding.

He stepped up his training as he recovered and soon he was close to fully fit.

His body was growing and things were looking great until he once again injured his knee three months later.

Transition Into Bodybuilding Career

When you look at all of the above.

What’s truly remarkable is that all of that took place less than a decade ago.

Jeff is still in his very early twenties.

As Jeff was preparing for his second knee surgery.

He began reading up on bodybuilding more and more and came across a forum looking at men’s physique competitions.

The physiques on display were Jeff’s idea of perfection and he aspired to look just as good.

If not better, than the pros in the images.

Once again, after rehabbing Jeff hit the gym, ate the right foods, took the right supplements.

And got his lifestyle in check and began training to compete in the men’s physique division besides many big names such as Steve Cook, Sadik Hadzovic, Jeremy Buendia and Sergi Constance.

It was clear right away that he was in a different league to his competitors and he won a number of amateur shows and began impressing the right people.

Just one year later, aged just 20 and coming off of two serious knee injuries.

Jeff won the nationals and cemented his place in history when he became the youngest IFBB pro ever.

Fitness On Social Media

After making history and becoming the youngest pro ever.

Jeff’s fanbase began to expand and his social media following grew with it.

Jeff is idolized by young males all over the globe.

Who wish to build a lean, muscular, and aesthetic physique.

Without looking like a carpet-carrying mass-monster that was created as a result of a genetic experiment gone wrong.

Jeff is considered one of the founding fathers of the ‘aesthetic crew’ and you can see why when you see his physique.

Jeff is incredibly lean all year round and has a very proportionate physique.

His legs are also very impressive.

Which isn’t always the case with physique competitors.

Jeff picked up sponsorships.

He appeared at fitness expos all over the globe, and he even started his very own line of active-wear clothing for fitness.

On top of that, he published his own book and regularly updates his social media pages to keep his fans updated.

Is Jeff Seid on Steroids or Natural?

Steroid allegations

Needless to say, when you’re in the public eye like Jeff is.

You will come under scrutiny for virtually every little thing imaginable.

On virtually every single post that Jeff makes on social media.

He will be called out for using steroids by at least one person.

Jeff denies using PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) but some people are not so sure.

When Jeff does deny using steroids.

He is quick to promote some product or another instead.

As he has been found to be making a commission off of them.

This has annoyed a lot of people online.

Which only adds fuel to the fire of people accusing him of taking steroids.

Is Jeff Seid On Steroids Or Natural?

So, now that we know more about Jeff Seid and his impressive career from such a young age.

Let’s now look at the allegations of steroids.

Here we will attempt to answer the question of is Jeff Seid on steroids or natural.

Here are some pieces of evidence both for, and against, potential steroid use.

Body Size

Standing at 6ft tall and weighing between 200 and 215 pounds off-season.

Jeff is hardly a mass-monster.

At the same time, however, he’s certainly no slouch and he can’t be accused of being small either.

Jeff has a large frame and is incredibly lean.

Meaning that his 200 plus pounds in weight come from virtually all muscle.

Now, it is definitely possible to get to his size naturally.

But it will certainly be much easier to do so on very low doses of certain steroids.

His Condition

This is what has a lot of people convinced that Jeff is at least running low doses of steroids.

His condition is something to marvel at because he looks amazing all year long.

It doesn’t matter whether he is weeks out from competing, or deep into the off-season.

Jeff ALWAYS has vascularity and visible ABS and he has been always in great shape.

He honestly looks ready to step on stage at virtually any minute.

Those of you familiar with staying in shape will know how incredibly tough it is to maintain this type of condition all-year-round.

Jeff, however, seems to manage it effortlessly.

So again, this could be an indication that he is using steroids.

Body Transformation

Jeff is only 22, yet remarkably.

He has been lifting weights for close to a decade now.

He started lifting early on, although he didn’t really take it seriously until he was in his high teens.

When you compare pictures of Jeff, aged 17, to pictures of Jeff today.

You can instantly see how much muscle he has gained.

While literally not gaining an ounce of fat.

He looks to have added a good 20 or so pounds of muscle.

Which can certainly be done naturally!

Jeff is clearly committed to working out and staying in amazing shape because now it is his job.

So perhaps he did transform his body naturally through weights, clean eating, and protein shakes alone.

Is Jeff Seid on Steroids or Natural?

Flushed skin

One clear indication of steroid use is flushed skin.

Where the skin looks paper-thin and red and flushed as if you’ve just been in a long run.

If you see Jeff on stage, or days out from a contest.

You will notice that his skin does definitely look a little more flushed than usual.

His body fat is obviously very low.

So this will make it look more dramatic than it actually is.

But generally speaking, this is perhaps the clearest indication so far.

That Jeff may be using steroids.

He Denies Taking Steroids

Obviously, anybody can deny taking steroids when they’re taking them in secret.

But most athletes, when accused of taking steroids;

Will do their best to avoid the question or will skate around the issue entirely and accuse everybody that calls them out for taking steroids of being a ‘hater’.

Jeff, however, has denied using steroids on camera multiple times.

Not to mention the fact that when a troll does get to him on social media.

He normally takes the bait and once again claims he has built his body through hard work and dedication while being 100% natty.

We’re not so sure at this stage.

But hey, if he denies taking them.

Then we could give him the benefit of the doubt.

No Obvious Signs Of Steroid Use Or Abuse

If you want to see what steroid abuse side-effects really look like.

Just take a look at some of the heavyweight and super-heavyweight IFBB pro bodybuilders competing all over the globe.

They have distended guts that make them look pregnant through growth hormone abuse.

Their backs are covered in acne, and their nipples are puffy and pointed.

Like miniature traffic cones, due to the gynecomastia or gyno brought on by the high levels of Estrogen in their bodies.

Jeff, however, doesn’t have any of these side-effects.

In fact, other than having an amazing physique and thin skin that perhaps looks a little flushed when he competes.

He is a virtually steroid side effect free.


So, now it comes time to make our verdict.

Based upon our own common sense, gut feelings, and existing knowledge of steroids.

We believe that Jeff Seid has used steroids to help build his physique.

It’s obvious he isn’t on a hardcore mass cycle like some pros.

But maintain that condition, at that size, and to look the way he looks.

We believe that he is probably using low doses of HGH, along with Test-E, and Winstrol to maintain his lean shape.

As we said, this is a pure guess on our part and it may just be that he was blessed with amazing genetics and a hard work ethic.

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About the Author

Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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