Jessica Buettner 1003lb deadlift

Jessica Buettner Majorly Fails 1003lb Tandem Deadlift With Jarek Rhodes


Jessica Buettner is new for following crazy ideas of weight lifting.

She had rebounded it when she was making an effort to pick tendon deadlift along with Jareks Rhodes.

Jessica Buettner 1003lb deadlift

Jessica Buettner has been presenting herself as an incredible elite, within the group of new powerlifters in the field.

She is having the badges of win from pretty hard contests; it includes the CPU Nationals, as her recent achievement.

Here she leads with 9/9 with her lift, apex in a strong 1240lb total.

Jessica Buettner is unstoppable here, always looking ahead to achieve new goals.

Recently, she tried her hand at some tandem deadlift, and she did it with the help of powerlifter Jarek Rhode.

Jessica Buettner Majorly Fails 1003lb Deadlift With Jarek Rhodes

Rhode doesn`t have an extraordinary record of achievements.

He rocks the stage at the event of CPU National Championship, standing 12th place at 205lb.

The journey doesn`t stop here; Rhode and Buettner decided to test their skills at higher levels, supporting each other for the tandem deadlift.

A post of Instagram shows the pair was trying to pull off an impressive weight of 935lb lift together.

Unluckily, when they tried to it finally for 1,003lb, things did not work for them.

Despite a few attempts, they could not complete the challenge.

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