Jessica Buettner 545lb

Jessica Buettner Of Crushes Whopping 545lb Deadlift For New PR


Jessica Buettner can’t stop surprising us.

Time after time, she comes out with a wonderful performance, and we all can’t stop ourselves from acknowledging her strength.

She doesn’t hold back for too long to give an incredible performance.

Her recent performance came out to be a new record where she performed an incredible deadlift.

Who is Jessica Buettner?

Jessica Buettner 545lb

Jessica Buettner is 24 years old, and she is a Canadian powerlifter.

She has a good portfolio of competitive powerlifting with many titles to her name as well.

She has participated in several national-level powerlifting competitions in Canada and won many of them.

She has also competed outside Canada and won many regional competitions.

Her successes and titles show that she is a strong and successful powerlifter.

Jessica Buettner is a kind of powerlifter who is popular for doing insane workouts and heavy powerlifting in the gym.

She regularly posts her workout and lifting videos where she can be seen lifting heavier weights than the rest of the female powerlifters lift.

In her recent video that she posted on Instagram, she has performed a deadlift with 405lb.

She did 14 reps.

Her video went viral over the internet, and she managed to catch the attention of Larry Wheels.

She is doing amazing work, and it is not far from here that she would be able to lift even heavier weights.

Short after her 405lb deadlift, a new video has come out where she managed to set a new personal record for herself.

In her new video, she can be seen performing a deadlift with a 545lb deadlift.

After this video, Jessica Buettner 545lb is trending in the powerlifting community.

This is a personal record of Jessica Buettner.

Before Jessica Buettner 545lb deadlift, her previous competition best is 536.8lb. She has managed to better her own record with a difference of nearly 10 pounds.

She posted her video on Instagram and captioned that she wasn’t planning this today but somehow managed to do this hefty 545lb deadlift.

She described that she had no intentions to go such hard, but some pre-workout sessions gave her good pump and strength, and she attempted this deadlift.

She succeeded in lifting 545lb, and fortunately, she was able to set a new record to her name.

This record deadlift isn’t simple at all, and only those who have ever tried powerlifting could feel the intensity and strength required to do this.

From her video, it is clear that she wasn’t easy at all with this deadlift and she had to put a huge amount of struggle in this lift.

As she tried to lift the weight, she wasn’t comfortable at all and wobbly as well, but she gathered the strength and completed the lift.

After the successful lift, she was very excited, and it could be seen from her expression after the attempt.

People are calling it a huge effort and Jessica Buettner 545lb is trending in the powerlifting community.

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