Joe Rogan Logan Paul slap

Joe Rogan Puts Logan Paul On Blast For ‘Dumb’ Slap Fighting Knockout


Joe Rogan is a fan of combat sports; however, one Sport he doesn’t like is the slap fighting that belongs to Russia.

Joe Rogan Logan Paul slap

He speaks about his disliking when watching Logan Paul give this sport a try.

Rogan advocates material arts for all the things.

He has a background of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and taekwondo, for his long duty as a commentator; he has great experience with different types of combat.

However, he is not interested at all in Russian Slap Fighting.

Russian Slap Fighting has two players standing face to face; they take turns slapping each other on the face hard.

That is what happens all there, Just slapping, no defense.

In the end, one contestant gets unconscious or has the option to quit the game.

Logan Paul tried this style of competition was decided in 2019 as a YouTube star.

He took training with the desire to compete as a slap fighter.

Furthermore,  He fought a practice session that ended up with the competitor fall unconscious with his first hit.

Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub watched a recent episode of the podcast.

Joe is quite famous for his voicing opinion; this time, it again happened.

He did not stay back on how ridiculous this entire situation was, even the whole idea of slap fighting.

Joe Rogan Reaction To Logan Paul Slap KO Video

Joe Rogan Reacts to Logan Paul Slap KO Video

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