joe Rogan transformation

Joe Rogan Shows Off Improved Physique After Just One Month On Carnivore Diet


Joe Rogan is a renowned comedian, UFC commentator, and also host his podcast.

Apart from that, he’s a strong advocate of healthy living and staying fit.

joe Rogan transformation

Joe Rogan Physique Improvement

Joe Rogan, in December 2019, decided to go on a transformation journey and shred those extra pounds that he had.

He took off his shirt and stepped on a scale during his podcast.

He said that he’s 10 pounds extra and also out of shape.

Even after abstaining from alcohol during October, he managed to gain extra pounds.

That was because he was consuming more carbs and wasn’t working out.

He is 52 years old and still in good shape even though he was on the higher side of BMI.

Joe Rogan’s transformation started in December because he wanted to go to 2020 with better fitness.

Joe Rogan only followed the carnivore diet for a month.

He only ate meat, fish, and animal products while staying away from fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Joe Rogan felt the need for change, so he decided to transform himself a little bit.

After just one month of carnivore diet and training, he’s now back to his old shape and looks leaner and in-shape.

Joe Rogan’s transformation journey helped him lost 12 pounds in just one month.

It is difficult to transform yourself and change your diet plan and sticking to only some specific type of food.

But dietary improvements and changing some nutritional habits help to improve health.

Joe Rogan explained that following the carnivore diet for a month helped him a lot.

He got relief from aches and pain.

It helped to improve his autoimmune disorder and not to forget; he gained some strength and energy as well.

Joe Rogan’s transformation didn’t involve any fancy workouts or a very strict diet plan; it was a balanced approach.

If you want to gain some health benefits and improve your fitness by following a diet plan, then it is important to do some research.

It isn’t necessary that the same kind of diet can work the same for everyone.

It depends on the needs of the body.

It is important to identify whether a certain type of diet could provide long-standing and safe results or not.

Before adopting a diet plan or following a certain type of diet, it important to learn whether it is safe or not.

Some diet plans can result in nutritional deficiencies, so it is better to consult your doctor or nutritionist.

It will help to design a balanced and safe diet plan.

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