John Haack record

Powerlifter John Haack Sets another World Record with Insane 2055lb Total


If we are two nominate the most powerful weightlifter, then John Haack is arguably the best going around at this time.

If you have any doubts about the above-said statement, then we have to let you know that he has broken the all-time world record.

John Haack Brok The World Record!

John Haack is already dominating the 181lb weight division, and he is undoubtedly the strongest ever in this division because he has set two all-time world records in this weight class.

John Haack record

He is dominating in this weight class for both raw deadlift and total lift as well.

Now, John Haack is eying the 198lb weight class.

Last weekend, he appeared for the very first in this weight class.

It will be an injustice to him if we say that he did well. In fact, he was something out of this world as he only missed the first squat but successfully attempted the rest of 8.

What was extraordinary is that he set his 3rd all-time great record when he lifted 2,055lb total lift.

John Haack posted the video of this record attempt on his Instagram page.

Competed in the USPA Wisconsin meet @metroflexmke weighed in at 89.7kgs/197.7lbs and totaled 932.5kgs/2055lbs. Was nice not having to cut for once.
Squats went 2/3 missing opener due to balance ending with 327.5kgs/722lbs
Bench, went 3/3, hitting 237.5kgs/523lbs
Deadlift also went 3/3 with an 367.5kgs/810lbs third.

John Haack posted that he competed for the first time in this class and hit 722lb squat, 523lb bench, and 810lb deadlift.

It is a phenomenal performance because it is difficult to believe that someone new in a weight class can’t be expected to perform so well.

It is very difficult when you enter a new weight class and just participating in your first ever competition in your new weight class.

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