Joseph Baena Mike O'Hearn arm workout

Joseph Baena With Mike O’Hearn: Arms Day Workout


Joseph Baena is habitual of intense workouts. However, Mike O`Hearn took him to the next level, on a day arm training.

As the son of a legend star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Baena is super strong for hard workouts.

Joseph Baena Mike O'Hearn arm workout

He is fearless, uninterrupted, and possesses high energy levels to work-out with new buddies.

Joseph used to have an absolute powerhouse with his gym buddy, daily work out with his dad.

He felt excited as for him, Arnold Schvanenzegger is the best training partner in the whole world.

Sergio Oliva Jr., a young actor, appeared as a bodybuilder, the son of his dad’s rival in Olympia.

Baena is not an ordinary bodybuilder, there is some fantastic strength, not to wrong if says, Baena is in charge.

A day he planned with Gaint buddies to go through a new practice.

Baena’s latest gym partners are more titan, less barbarian.

Joseph Baena Recently went into Gold’s Gym with Mike O’Hearn for arm day.

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What’s your goal ?

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Mike has the badge of winning Mr. Universe title for the four times, and perhaps with the best persona in the original American Titan, and Gladiator reboots.

He is 51 years of age but still powerful and shredded.

They start with the slow workout; O’Hearn explains that this is less to more approach for warm-ups.

He taught that training is for life, not just for some years.

So do it slowly but with consistency.

It’s not going to happen overnight; instead, a long term commitment to the goals is vital, so roll up the sleeves and get ready to go!

I did that mostly guy come up with 2 to 3 raps at the start, and then they will do 4 to 5 sets.

It is warm-up for them, but for him, he will do 2 or 3 maybe 5, and you will readily take it easy.

O’ Hearn is taking it differently.

O, Hearn pointed out something that, while working-out with his buddies, suggested they follow Baena, what he is doing right now. Shake your bodies, Observe his sets as this practice is working correctly for him.

The next step to watch him with muscle icon, then Beena went through some kickbacks for the triceps.

Next, move to the flicks and arm day script.

The day workout with size building moves.

O’Hearn added they are young they can shake their bodies,  so don’t just need to Locked Up in the format of what everybody is saying or doing,  you can shake up the things a little bit.

And for Baena, it was the first experience with these techniques.

Joseph Baena expressed that he is feeling a kind of burn.

During his previous sessions, he never felt like that.

Even he used to have high-intensity works outs, maybe that was just like dripping.

But this is working differently, a lot more concentrated. He expressed that this is something theatrical for him.

O’Hearn gives this tip to youngsters, as he is in the forties, so he needs some time for recovery during raps, while the young ones can heal quickly.

So why not to follow Baena’s time sets, he is doing a fantastic job, look at how he is doing his sets.

Joseph Baena’s fan loving all his new adventures, it would add more to his followers.

Arm Workout With Joseph Baena And Mike O’Hearn

INTENSE Arm Workout Joseph Baena And Mike O'Hearn Part 1

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